Built-In Garbage Collection: What Is it and Do You Need it?

Managing memory is one of the tediums of developers. That’s why so many experts automate this task—and call it, aptly, garbage collection.
This seemingly mundane task is actually an essential element of more than three-fourths of the most widely used programming languages. That demonstrates that developers know what it takes—and know they don’t want to have to concern themselves with it.
How that garbage collection happens is fairly complex, especially for those who are unfamiliar with programming. But what it does, in a nutshell, is free up space not used by that memory for other tasks.
The inventiveness of this development is lost on most of us, because it’s so routine. But when programmer John McCarthy worked on it, he was changing the face of technology. McCarthy is one of the legends of the tech world; he actually coined the term “artificial intelligence.”
Want to learn more about garbage collection, specifically in programming languages? This graphic outlines the basics.

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How Java’s Built-In Garbage Collection Will Make Your Life Better (Most of the Time)
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