15 Dec 2010

I am 32, I studied Medical Technology at Technikon and as a Medical Technologist my main job function is to test blood samples in a laboratory. I met an IT person one day and she told me about Computer Programming and her job as a Computer Programmer sounded much more creative than mine. She was earning double my salary and she was younger than me. I then spoke to more people and realised that I was technically inclined as for example – I am always the one that fixes everybody else’s cellphone first. After speaking to Arnold, he recommended that I should do the Introduction to Computer Programming and then do PHP which I did. It was very strange to me in the beginning although I was intrigued by it – I never even worked on spreadsheets before!

I waited a while, studied a bit of HTML by myself, saved some money and then returned to do the PHP Beginner Programmer in December 2010. This was a complete revelation. For the first time I could actually see and understand what programming is when applied to create real database – driven websites. I am a very organised person and I therefore liked it a lot to see how one can organise information logically to be useful for companies. For my project I developed a website that allows customers to register on a mailing list of a company. For the management, I developed the ability to add and maintain their products, to moderate new customers and send out a mailing list to customers.

I have enrolled for the PHP advanced course and am developing websites part-time while looking for the best full-time job.

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12 June 2011

I am from outside the IT industry, 33 years old and did 3 Java courses. I was getting ready for a lot of stydying to pass the international exam because employers did not want to offer me an opportunity without the international exam and also because I have not any practical experience I can show. I was offered a chance at a job interview in PHP, although my knowledge was very limited in PHP, I told the employer I am enrolling for GetCertified’s PHP course. I attended the Beginner PHP course and before I even completed the course, I got the job offer in PHP.

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1 August 2011

I am 55 years old and had my own small business which I sold recently. I was tested by my employer at the age of 18, for Computer Programming and the results were positive, but I could not attend the training. Ever since that day I always wondered what it would be like.

In February I decided to chat to Arnold about this and he recommended I should to the Introduction to Programming and then take the PHP route because it is practically-oriented and designed to get you started quickly and to make you experience quickly what programming is all about. I did that and the Introduction to programming was a great eye-opener and I enjoyed it thoroughly. At this stage – I did not know a lot about computers at all and had to learn everything from scratch – even how to organise your desktop etc.)

I then did the Beginner PHP and developed a database-driven website for my sponsor. This website was such a success that my sponsor decided to sponsor my next course, the Advanced PHP programmer course for which I am enrolling now.


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