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Beginner Android Programming 8 – 12 Feb

Prerequisites Beginner Java Beginning SQL Intended Audience This course is for java programmers who wants to learn Android App development. Some familiarity with relational databases. Course Material Included in the course price. Course Contents  Day 1 Hallo Android Programming Activities, Fragments and Intents Day 2 Understanding the Android user Interface Creating your user interface with views … Continue reading Beginner Android Programming 8 – 12 Feb

Advanced Android Programming (23-27 March)

Advanced Android Programming Training Course   Prerequisites   Beginner Android Advanced Java   Day 1  Android and Model View Controller  The activity lifecycle  Debugging Android apps  Your second activity  Android SDK Versions and compatibility  UI fragments and the fragment manager Day 2    Creating user interfaces with Layouts and widgets Displaying Lists with ListFragment Using … Continue reading Advanced Android Programming (23-27 March)