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The following companies have employed some of our graduates and some have standing orders for more graduates:

We teach the <code> that will get you employed!

Become a Web Developer in 4-6 months or a Java Software Engineer in 9-12 months. Our coding bootcamps were created from decades of industry experience and employer feedback. We teach software development skills that are in demand in the workplace. Einstein said "Learning is experience, everything else is just information" - we strongly believe in that.

  • Do you have a passion for problem-solving?
  • Do you like to improve things for the better?
  • Do you like to remove obstacles?
  • Are you leaving school and want to get productive quickly?
  • Are you stuck in a career that does not get the best out of you in terms of your passion and / or remuneration?

A career in software development might change your life for the better forever. To find out more, or to set up a meeting / call to learn more, please complete the form by clicking the button below:

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Why Code College?

Highly experienced in training, we have issued more than 4500 certificates to date

85% of our students find work within 3 months after completing our coding bootcamp. 100% of them after completing the international exam in Java

We have changed many lives and have many success stories, more than can be published here. Please have a look at our Youtube channel to see more

What our past students say

Claude Code College Graduate


Claude did the 2018 Java Bootcamp after grade 12 and got employed with a prestiguous international company by the end of the year. In 2021 he was promoted to DevOps team leader at a well-known company "It was an eye-opener to see how we learned practically and also how to function in the real workplace in teams"

Chrissie Code College Graduate


Chrissie was a single mother who enrolled in the bootcamp in mid-2020, she got employed in mid-2021. She changed careers from the hospitality industry, and also had to juggle between motherhood and studies. "I liked the flexibility of the hybrid studying model as I only attended the core lectures in class and did most assignments from home". I was never alone with fellow student collaboration and trainer support throughout!".

Mohamed Code College Graduate


Mohamed finished school in 2020, enrolled in our Java Bootcamp in 2021 and got placed at the end of 2021. "Code College made sure we were interview-ready by giving us extra training for the subject of specialisation. We impressed the employer enough for them to make us a great offer after the interview!"

Courtney Code College Graduate


Courtney turned 18 in the year she enrolled in the Java Bootcamp. It was 2020, the year of Covid. She was a hard worker and one of the first to finish her assignments and got placed at a well-known financial institution. "We were all scared when Covid struck that we would not be able to finish our training in time. Code College seamlessly moved everything online and increased collaboration activities so that we were encouraged to keep our speed. All 4 of my teammates were also placed with me!"

Coding skills are in demand

There is never a better time to get into coding than now. Businesses keep innovating and improving their systems to remain competitive. As long as there is business, there will be a drive for any business to be better than its competitors.

Software developers code systems to streamline business processes and improve customer experiences. Without software, businesses cannot be competitive, accross all industries.

Cost-effective, high return on investment

By focussing on the subjects and skills that matter most, our coding bootcamps are very cost-effective when compared to a three or four year degree / diploma

Due to the demand for software developers, the salaries are rewarding. In the USA the average salary of a Full Stack Developer is $115 000 - $130 000 pa

This makes our coding bootcamps a better investment than a 3 or 4 year University degree or College diploma

Learning the right skills, the right way through Code College

There are many training programmes out there as the subject of Information Technology is big and resources are widely available on the internet. Our programme focus on learning the core skills, that are in demand in most software development teams.

Employers report often about over-qualified people who are well-educated, but do not have enough practical skills to add value. There is also an emphasis on soft skills (non coding) and many teams have members that are not in the same physical locations

We do not only focus on teaching you the right skills, we are also able to prepare you for the job market and place you at some of our employer clients, with our in-house recruitment company, Compuways

Our programme target this lack of practical skills by focussing on practically implementation of knowledge, as well building soft skills like:

  • communication skills
  • teamwork skills
  • software engineering fundamentals
  • problem solving skills
in the process. At the end of the coding bootcamp, we prepare you for the job market and interviews until you find employment

Select your Bootcamp

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Attend your Bootcamp

Build your skills and portfolio

  • Have an experienced mentor by your side
  • Build your knowledge base
  • Build your team skills with teammates
  • Build your problem-solving skills
  • Build your portfolio
  • Learn must-have workplace skills
  • Online and Offsite together as a team 24/7
  • 1-1 Coaching, mentorship and career services

Get Employed

Interview prep phase

  • Preparing your CV
  • Build your interview skills
  • Attend interviews
  • Consider feedback from employers and recruiters
  • Continue building your portfolio / skill up for different interviews / prep for international exams

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