Learn to code on our Coding Bootcamp and become a Full-Stack Software Developer

Full-Stack Developers fall into the exciting, in-demand profession of Software Engineering. We teach our students the practical skills required by employers in the software development industry. Software Engineers run websites, develop apps for web, desktop and mobile. After on of our coding bootcamps, you can apply for any of these junior positions and expect a starting salary of up to R25 000 p.m. We have alumni who earn more than R100 000 pm after 5 years locally :

  • Web Developer
  • Application Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Games Developer
  • AI Developer
  • Java Developer Get Started

In the USA the average salary of a Full Stack Developer is $115 000 pa

Download a brochure of the Java Developer Bootcamp here

Code College Happy Coders

Intro To Programming

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Duration: 5 days (add up to 3 weeks for projects allowed)
Price: R8 995

Learn how to program from the bottom up.

  • No experience required.
  • A comprehensive intro to programming, by learning the building blocks of a programming language like JavaScript.
  • Learn how to build small, meaningful apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Build various apps and create a portfolio website.

Web Dev Bootcamp

We cover the basic building blocks of the front-end. Do you have what it takes to build real-world apps with these? Let us build robust web apps with security, API programming and database functionality.

Duration: 3 months (add up to 3 months for projects)
Price: R49 995 (Including the Intro To ProgrammingCourse

  • Master React to be used as a Web Dev Environment
  • Master Node.JS the powerful JavaScript as a back-end builder
  • Master RESTful APIs by creating these in Express and use API testing tools like Postman for testing
  • Consume API's as a data source and build useful robust apps with all functionality like routing, security in React
  • Employ an Agile approach in group and individual tasks with code reviews and team milestones
  • Use Git / Github as a collaboration and software tracking tool

Java Software Engineer

Java is the most in-demand, widely used, portable back-end language. Spring Framework is the most succesfull Java framework and used by security-concious enterprises across the world.

Duration: 6 months (add up to 6 months for projects)
Price: R89 995

  • Master Java language to be able to prep for the international Oracle OCP Java Programmer / Developer Exam Oracle Certified Java Programmer
  • Master Data Structures and Algorithms with Java data structures
  • Master the modern Java language and be able to build various internationalised Java apps with databases (JDBC), front-ends like Java FX
  • Master Spring Framework to build enterprise-grade applications that utilise various popular modules of Spring 5 MVC,REST API, Data, Security, OAuth, JWT, MongoDB, and more
  • Use RESTful APIs by creating these in Spring REST and use API testing tools like Postman for testing
  • Putting everything together to build full-stack Java Spring apps with a React / Angular Front-End
  • Deploy these apps to the cloud with Docker / Kubernetes / Spring Cloud / AWS
  • Employ an Agile approach in group and individual tasks with code reviews and team milestones, using KanBan boards
  • Use Git / Github as a collaboration and software tracking tool

Clients / Employers

The following companies have employed some of our graduates and some have standing orders for more graduates:

Success Stories

We have too many success stories to publish here, please have a look at our Youtube channel to see more

Claude Code College Graduate


Claude did the 2018 Java Bootcamp after grade 12 and got employed with a prestiguous international company by the end of the year. In 2021 he was promoted to DevOps team leader at a well-known company "It was an eye-opener to see how we learned practically and also how to function in the real workplace in teams"

Chrissie Code College Graduate


Chrissie was a single mother who enrolled in the bootcamp in mid-2020, she got employed in mid-2021. She changed careers from the hospitality industry, and also had to juggle between motherhood and studies. "I liked the flexibility of the hybrid studying model as I only attended the core lectures in class and did most assignments from home". I was never alone with fellow student collaboration and trainer support throughout!".

Mohamed Code College Graduate


Mohamed finished school in 2020, enrolled in our Java Bootcamp in 2021 and got placed at the end of 2021. "Code College made sure we were interview-ready by giving us extra training for the subject of specialisation. We impressed the employer enough for them to make us a great offer after the interview!"

Courtney Code College Graduate


Courtney turned 18 in the year she enrolled in the Java Bootcamp. It was 2020, the year of Covid. She was a hard worker and one of the first to finish her assignments and got placed at a well-known financial institution. "We were all scared when Covid struck that we would not be able to finish our training in time. Code College seamlessly moved everything online and increased collaboration activities so that we were encouraged to keep our speed. All 4 of my teammates were also placed with me!"


What do I need to be accepted? What else do I need?

If you have no previous coding experience, we require that you do the Intro To Programming Course First

  • Matric is preferred, but we have had students who did not yet pass matric who excelled in our Intro To Programming course and so they were accepted
  • Laptop / PC requirements are: at least a modern generation Intel i5 level CPU with 8Gb of RAM and Windows Pro (needed for virtual imaging apps like Docker)
  • A good, stable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps, at home. If you work from home on your assignments, you will need at least 50-100Gb of data per month
Code College Happy Coding

I want to become a Software Developer, but is a university degree my only option?

A university degree is not an automatic ticket into employment as a software engineer anymore. University graduates without required practical skills, might reach a ceiling in terms of promotion. Often university graduates do coding bootcamps to improve their practical skills.

University Degree

Wider areas of knowledge covered
Focus not on practical skills
Duration is at least 3 years
Cost is quite prohibitive
Return on investment is lower

Coding Bootcamp

Focussed on employment -relevant skills
Focus is on practical ability
Duration is from 3 months to 12 months
Cost is much cheaper
Return on investment is higher

Why Code College?

We are deeply rooted in the software industry, and have client relationships that span decades.

Arnold Graaff Code College

Arnold Graaff

Founder of Code College and Compuways

History of Code College

Pre 1990 : About our founder

Arnold obtained his BSc (CS) Degree from University of Johannesburg and BSc Hons (CS) from University of Pretoria. He worked in software development, support, consulting and training locally and abroad.

1990 : Compuways IT Consulting and Recruitment established

Arnold founded Compuways in the IT Consulting Indsutry. Compuways provided consulting and recruitment services and was recognised as one of the Top 4 IT Recruitment companies in South Africa by the Corporate Research Foundation, an international business consultancy. During that time Compuways was actively supplying software freelancers to employers in the IT industry, and remains our placement partner of choice for placing our Coding Bootcamp graduates. Our Coding Bootcamp students are initially placed at Compuways Consulting Division as interns to strengthen their practical skills.

2000 : Getcertified IT Training was established

From the need to cross-train consultants between projects, Getcertified IT Training was formed and initially trained consultants after-hours to improve their careers and assist them to get international certification

2004 : Getcertified becomes full-time training institution

Driven by demand from employers for full-time training, Compuways purchased the office space in Woodmead and shared with Getcertified who provided training courses across the IT spectrum.

2014 : Getcertified becomes Code College

The training became more focussed as developer (coding) training and Coding Bootcamps became part of the offering to train newcomers into the industry and place them into jobs required by employers that some have a loyal relationship with Compuways for decades. The Coding Bootcamps are designed to fullfil the competency skills gap that IT Managers experience when employing juniors

Mission Statement

Albert Einstein said "Learning is experience. Everything else is just information."

We firmly believe in this. That is why we distinguish ourself as a non-Academic College, focussed rather on supplying competencies to the IT industry, than certificates. We use "collaborative learning strategies" exlusively in our teaching as it complements our practical approach. We know the industry and our main aim is to train our students employment-grade skills to be able to find sustainable employment.


Our instructors are from the same industry and are highly qualified in terms of technical ability, people and communication skills


Oracle Workplace Skills Development Partner

We teach Java on the Oracle Java OCP 1 and 2 Syllabi and have incorporated that into our Java Bootcamp

Member of the ITA of South Africa

We are a member of the IT Association of South Africa since before the year 2000

MICT Seta Accreditation for NQF level 5 : Systems Development Credits (You may apply for credits, but the process is not automatically included in the course booking. It has te be specified and ordered seperately as there are extra costs invloved)

BEE Level 2

Our holding company Compuways is on BEE level 2 and we subcontract to Compuways on projects with BEE requirements

Full-time, immersive

Online students are part of the onsite classroom groups and stay with their groups, we emphasise group dynamics rather than individuals working alone with a mentor

Students interact not only with their mentors but also with their peers by doing group-oriented assignments

In the peer groups, students interact with another doing code reviews. Mentors interact with students and peer groups on a regular daily basis or when required, via video call and / or onsite meetings

The following 3 methods of delivery are immersive, our students all work together in peer groups, we mix and match students into peer groups accross these 3 categories

Full-time: In Person

The modules are still delivered in 6 stages and the students who attend full-time still have the core modules delivered in the beginning of the module and then practicals can be done in the classroom as well. This is good for some of us who function better when working in an onsite enviroment with our trainers and co-students around us all the time. You can switch between the delivery types at any time as the price is the same for each.

onsite Coding Classes
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Full-time: Virtual

We have many students that are never physically in class. We broadcast every lecture as a webinar for our Online students. We use the best of the Online tools like Discord, Google Meet to keep our distance-learning students engaged and part of the team. They learn at the same pace than the others in class. Online training for us is not sitting alone in front of your computer and reading online material. Online learning with us is very interactive, throughout. You can switch between the delivery types at any time as the price is the same for each.

Virtual Coding Classes
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Full-time: Hybrid

Our Bootcamp was actually designed to be delivered in 6 stages as follows: one week full-time in the classroom and 3 weeks at home doing assignments. This is still possible as we have streamlined the virtual engagement of the students doing assignments at home. We have daily meetings and team goals that ensures every one is engaged al the time. Online training for us is not sitting alone in front of your computer and reading online material. Online for us is more like "in webinar" all the time. You can switch between the delivery types at any time as the price is the same for each.

Hybrid Coding Classes, Online or Onsite
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Part-time, more flexible

Part-time: Virtual

For Part-time students we offer a more flexible online-delivery to enable different paces for different students due to difference in hours that each has available for studying

  • Mentor meetings are after hours during the weekdays between 16h00 and 20h00 (need 6-7 hours per week) unless pre-arranged for different time slots
  • Peer meetings are arranged amongst part-time students at their own convenience
Part-time Coding Classes
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Career Services

Job-Prep Phase

In this phase we prepare you for interviews. We do not restrict you from getting employment at our preferred clients, we prepare you for the open market, that is also testament of our confidence in how well your skills are accepted by the open market.

  • We do not know of one of our graduates that passed our competency projects and the Oracle International Exam - that is unemployed. Most graduates find employment before even writing the international Oracle Java exam.
  • We have our own recruitment team from Compuways which assists with the CV preparation and also interview preparation. A large percentage of our graduates found jobs by external recruiters, before we could even place them ourselves!
  • This Java Bootcamp is actually an internship, as you are studying in a task-oriented fashion. Some students remarked that if feels like a workplace. You are actualy an intern of our consulting company, Compuways and you will have one year experience to put on your CV for starters
  • Our internship partner, Compuways is well-connected to market our graduates, Compuways was established in 1990 and has a loyal client following since then
  • We also help you to prepare your CV for reputable partner recruitment companies of Compuways
  • Here is a list of companies that employed som of our graduates in the past: BMW, Checkers, Shoprite, Dimension Data, Absa, Standard Bank, Discovery, AdvanceNet, FNB, MIP, Digiblu, Nedbank, Bytes, HQ Tech, Astidian, FortyOne Business Consultants and more..
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Job Interview Preparation Classes

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