7 Aug Mobile Web Development

Professional Mobile Web Development using mainly HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Learn how to build lean and fast performing web mobile apps like native apps


Before attempting Mobile Web Development Programming on its own, you should have previous web design and development experience and knowledge of  HTML, CSS and basic Javascript.


Day 1:

Responsive Web Design

  • Get on the mobile bandwagon
  • The recipe for Responsive Web Design
  • An example of a responsively designed site
  • CSS media queries
  • Analyze the current CSS
  • Steps to creating the mobile-specific CS

Responsible Responsiveness

  • Mobile-first Responsive Web Design
  • Can I get a proxy to set up my proxy?
  • What to do when things aren’t blazing fast
  • Find the drags on page speed
  • It looks mobile friendly, but it isn’t
  • What is progressive enhancement?
  • Mobile-first media queries
  • Add the map back using JavaScript
  • Move iframe attributes to CSS equivalents
  • Breakpoints to the rescue

Day 2:

A Separate Mobile Website

  • Creature Comforts has agents in the field
  • Getting to know user agents
  • Straight talk: Most major sites have a separate mobile website
  • When what you really want to do is (re-)direct
  • Make a mobile mockup
  • Not all phones are smartphones…not by a sight
  • Let’s keep it basic: Meet XHTML-MP
  • Access keys in action
  • Mobile-savvy CSS

What devices should we support?

  • How do you know where to draw the line?
  • Step away from the keyboard for a second
  • Things you don’t support vs. those you can’t support
  • Ask questions about your project
  • Ingredients for your magic mobile potion
  • Draw from your cupboard of tools and data

Day 3:

Device Databases and Classes

  • A panic button for freaked-out students
  • The button is for mobile phones only
  • WURFL and its capabilities
  • WURFL: Clever API code
  • Steps for building our explore page
  • Use WURFL to help differentiate content
  • Make the page a bit smarter with WURFL
  • The panic button: For phones only
  • Expanding a lucrative part of AcedIt!’s business
  • Get acquainted with the matching function
  • Make something actually happen with device classes
  • We need a bigger safety net

Build a Mobile Web App Using a Framework

  • HTML5 is a specific thing…
  • How “traditional” websites typically behave
  • A Games Unlimited mobile HTML5 web app
  • The master plan for phase 1 of the Game
  • Why use mobile web app frameworks?
  • Our choice for the Game: jQuery Mobile
  • Build a basic page with jQuery Mobile
  • Link to multiple pages with jQuery Mobile
  • Make the Game feel more applike: to-dos
  • Time to make that tartan-building form
  • Build an HTML5 form
  • Give jQuery Mobile hints about the fields

Day 4:

Mobile Web Apps in the Real World

  • Mobile apps in the real world
  • Make a better form
  • A widget to manage the list of colors and sizes
  • The two sides of generate.php
  • Offline is important
  • A basic recipe to create a cache manifest
  • Dev tools to the rescue
  • How to ask W3C-compliant browsers where they are
  • Let’s integrate geolocation

Build Hybrid Mobile Apps

  • How do hybrid apps work?
  • Bridge the web-native gap with PhoneGap
  • Get acquainted with PhoneGap Build
  • Keep track of discovered tartans
  • Anatomy of the Tartan Hunt project
  • What makes localStorage so special?
  • Use a function to show which tartans are found
  • Rope in PhoneGap to take pictures
  • Now we’re ready for the mediaCapture API

Day 5:

How to Be Future Friendly

  • Time to dispel our collective illusions of control
  • A future-friendly manifesto
  • There are no silver bullets
  • App today, web page tomorrow
  • Remove PhoneGap references


  • Develop a mobile app from start to finish

Duration and pricing

Pricing Group A


      1. Upon completion of this course we will issue you with attendance certificate to certify your attendance.
      2. You may sit for our competency assessment test and on passing you will obtain our competency certificate.
      3. Our competency assessment can be booked and taken by someone who has not attended the course at a cost of R2950.

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