Code your way to a more secure and employable future

  • Become a Web Developer in 4-6 months or a Java Software Engineer in 9-12 months.
  • Do you have a passion for problem-solving?
  • Do you like to improve things for the better?
  • Do you like to remove obstacles?
  • Are you leaving school and want to get productive quickly?
  • Are you stuck in a career that does not get the best out of you in terms of your passion and / or remuneration?
  • A career in software development might change your life for the better forever.

Why a Career in Software Development?

Software is imperative to business survival

Software development is needed to provide solutions to business processes. Businesses need to be competitive to be profitable. Software development provides the tools for business to be competitive - therefore it was always, and continues to be even more, in-demand.

A career in Software development can be very lucrative: The average salary of a Full-Stack Developer in the US is $126,182 .

Why a Coding Bootcamp

What is the purpose of a Coding Bootcamp? - To grow employability, fast!

Syllabus Coverage

We continuosly revise our syllabus to cover the changing demands of the modern workplace. Our recruitment and consulting partner, Compuways, has over 30 years experience in the IT Recruitment and Consulting industry and helps us to stay in touch with the job market.

Practical Skills

We believe in Einstein's motto: 'Learning is experience - everything else is just information'. We ensure that everything learned is adequately applied. Applying your knowledge to the standard of employment, not only hones your skills, but also helps you to retain your knowledge better

All-Rounder Skills

To be succesful in your software development career, you must not only learn the software languages and tools, you must also be able to collaborate, share and lead. We make sure our students implement these with our methodology

Return on Investment

If compared to a University Degree, it costs about a third to a quarter of the price. The duration is also a third or a quarter less before you can start earning money. Often University graduates do not end-up in Full-Stack developer roles and earn less as a result.

Interview Preparation

We have a job prep phase during which we help our students to prepare their CV's and portfolios for employment. We also have mock-interview training to ensure you ace your interviews quickly

Lifetime Career Support

Often in your career you will have choices to make, questions to ask etc. We never close the door to our alumni and often ask them to advise and motivate our current students


What do I need to enroll?

Matric (recommended)


Problem-solving attitude

People- and Technical skills

Hardware (PC - i5 recommended, extra monitor) with sound and microphone

Stable Internet Connection (We require teamwork via screensharing)

What it is like

What is a typical day like in the life of our Coding Bootcamp students?

Module Knowledge Part

The module knowledge part is approx one week out of the 4 weeks allocated. Then we have full-day classes during which we go through the module core knowledge with a mentor.

Module Knowledge Demonstrations / Assessments

Another week approximantely is taken to show that we understand that was covered


We do our projects mainly in a collaborative fashion. Screensharing between remote and on-site students is required


During the Module-knowledge part, we spend full-days together as a group


We have a daily meeting with the class and mentors, during which we present our work and plan our work for the next day. We can set up a meeting with our mentor at any time


We have a 24/7 support logging system and also allocate time during the daily meetings to ensure all issues are resolved


What they are saying about us

Courtney turned 18 in the year she enrolled in the Java Bootcamp. It was 2020, the year of Covid. She was a hard worker and one of the first to finish her assignments and got placed at a well-known financial institution. "We were all scared when Covid struck that we would not be able to finish our training in time. Code College seamlessly moved everything online and increased collaboration activities so that we were encouraged to keep our speed. All 4 of my teammates were also placed with me!"

Courtney Code College Graduate


Software Engineer


Mohamed finished school in 2020, enrolled in our Java Bootcamp in 2021 and got placed at the end of 2021. "Code College made sure we were interview-ready by giving us extra training for the subject of specialisation. We impressed the employer enough for them to make us a great offer after the interview!"

Mohamed Code College Graduate


Java Developer

Claude did the 2018 Java Bootcamp after grade 12 and got employed with a prestiguous international company by the end of the year. In 2021 he was promoted to DevOps team leader at a well-known company and later to Devops Manager "It was an eye-opener to see how to learn practically and also how to function in the real workplace in teams"

Claude Code College Graduate


DevOps Manager

Chrissie was a single mother who enrolled in the bootcamp in mid-2020, she got employed in mid-2021. She changed careers from the hospitality industry, and also had to juggle between motherhood and studies. "I liked the flexibility of the hybrid studying model as I only attended the core lectures in class and did most assignments from home". I was never alone with fellow student collaboration and trainer support throughout!".

Chrissie Code College Graduate


QA Lead


Make your most important investment - in your future

Intro To Programming

R8 995pre-paid
  • Full price: R12 995
  • Full price payable over 12 months
  • Flexible student loan options
  • Duration 2 weeks
  • First module can be done seperately of, and included in, the next 3 Coding Bootcamps
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Web Programmer Bootcamp

R24 995pre-paid
  • Full price: R27 995
  • Full price payable over 12 months
  • Flexible student loan options
  • Duration 3 months
  • Recommend for career changers or tertiary qualified people
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Web Developer Bootcamp

R54 995pre-paid
  • Full price: R57 995
  • Full price payable over 12 months
  • Flexible student loan options
  • Duration 5-6 months
  • Recommend for career changers or tertiary qualified people
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Java Developer Bootcamp

R94 995pre-paid
  • Full price: R99 995
  • Full price payable over 12 months
  • Flexible student loan options
  • Duration 10-12 months
  • Recommended for school leavers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Code College?

Code College is a web and Java dev training institution located in Gauteng. We are a member of the IT Association of South Africa since before the year 2000. We use "collaborative learning strategies" exclusively in our teaching as it complements our practical approach. We know the industry and our main aim is to train our students in employment-grade skills to be able to find sustainable employment.

Do you have bursaries / loans?

Study for free - with an income share agreement you need: Reasonable academic results The income share agreement (subject to availability and merit) is based on paying back the full price of R120 000, but you only start paying when employed (10%-20% of income, sliding scale) and you only pay while employed. Study loan Do you want to invest in your future self but do not have the funding available upfront? Financing makes education more affordable by spreading the payments over a longer term. Code College has partners to assist our students to learn more about, apply or simply see how much funding they qualify for. Learn about and apply for funding here.

Do you offer part-time studies or only full-time?

We offer both part-time and full-time studies. Our full-time, immersive option allows all students (in-person and remote) to work together in peer groups. In the peer groups, students interact with one another by doing projects and code reviews. Mentors interact with students and peer groups, via video call and/or in-person meetings.

When is the next start date?

Please refer to our Training Schedule page

Where is Code College situated?

G19 Pinewood Square, Pinewood Office Park, 33 Riley Road, Woodmead, Gauteng. All our courses are simultaneously offered online to remote students that are not able to attend physical classes. We use highly interactive screensharing software to ensure onsite and online students can work together with ease.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

A bootcamp is an intensive and immersive learning experience that typically lasts for a few weeks or months. These programs are designed to help people quickly develop new skills in a particular field. Bootcamps often involve a combination of lectures, hands-on projects, and teamwork, and they may be led by experienced professionals or educators with expertise in the subject matter. The goal of a bootcamp is to provide participants with a focused and intensive learning experience that prepares them for a specific career path or job opportunity.