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We have always had a flexible, hybrid training model, where students could choose how much of the course they wanted to do in the classroom and how much of it online, via live video webinar. Since COVID-19, we have seen a bigger move towards online webinar than before. We take great care to ensure that our classes remain as practical as in the classroom, by having more online meetings, including more code reviews and demos, encouraging collaboration to keep the students motivated and on the tips of their toes.

COVID-19 is not making a difference to our schedules, we keep the same schedules - we move more classes online to comply with the lockdown regulations, but as soon as the lockdown levels are relaxed, we move classes back into the classroom for those that prefer it. It is possible to do the entire Java Bootcamp, of one year, online from home via the live webinar. We had students who completed the entire Bootcamp online from home and were placed at employers, without setting foot in an employer office - also working from home from day 1!

History of Code College

Pre 1990 : About our founder

Arnold obtained his BSc (CS) Degree from University of Johannesburg and BSc Hons (CS) from University of Pretoria. He worked in software development, support, consulting and training locally and abroad.

1990 : Compuways IT Consulting and Recruitment established

Arnold founded Compuways in the IT Consulting Indsutry. Compuways provided consulting and recruitment services and was recognised as one of the Top 4 IT Recruitment companies in South Africa by the Corporate Reearch Foundation, an international business consultancy. During that time Compuways was actively supplying software freelancers to employers in the IT industry, and remains our placement partner of choice for placing our Coding Bootcamp graduates. Our Coding Bootcamp students are initially placed at Compuways Consulting Division as interns to strengthen their practical skills.

2000 : Getcertified IT Training was established

From the need to cross-train consultants between projects, Getcertified IT Training was formed and initially trained consultants after-hours to improve their careers and assist them to get international certification

2004 : Getcertified becomes full-time training institution

Driven by demand from employers for full-time training, Compuways purchased the office space in Woodmead and shared with Getcertified who provided training courses across the IT spectrum.

2014 : Getcertified becomes Code College

The training became more focussed as developer (coding) training and Coding Bootcamps became part of the offering to train newcomers into the industry and place them into jobs required by employers that some have a loyal relationship with Compuways for decades. The Coding Bootcamps are designed to fullfil the competency skills gap that IT Managers experience when employing juniors

Mission Statement

Albert Einstein said "Learning is experience. Everything else is just information."

We firmly believe in this. That is why we distinguish ourself as a non-Academic College, focussed rather on supplying competencies to the IT industry, than certificates. We use "collaborative learning strategies" widely in our teaching as it complements our practical approach. We know the industry and our main aim is to train our students employment-grade skills to be able to find sustainable employment.


Oracle Workplace Skills Development Partner

We teach Java on the Oracle Java OCP 1 and 2 Syllabi and have incorporated that into our Java Bootcamp

QCTO Accreditation for NQF level 5

QCTO : 118707 Occupational Certificate: Software Developer (NQF level 5)

BEE Level 2 (2023)

Our holding company Compuways is on BEE level 2 and we subcontract to Compuways on projects with BEE requirements

Success Stories

We have changed many lives from unemployed to employed, facilitated career changes and improved existing careers. We have many students that can testify and we are very proud of it. Here are some video testimonials:

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