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A worldwide shortage of technical software skills means there are exciting and lucrative careers waiting for the right person. Let it be you.

We are not an educational (academic) college. We provide skills-oriented training aligned with international industrial requirements for employment in software-oriented jobs.

It’s time to move up the ladder

Whether you’re starting out, upgrading your skills or training your employees, Code College has a software training program that fits your needs perfectly.

Choose from short, beginner or advanced courses in programming, web development, database administration, business intelligence and more.

For starters

If you’ve just left school and you’re looking for a great future, experts agree that software is the way to go. But employers will demand recognised qualifications. Code College’s single courses or Coding Bootcamps are rocket fuel for your career.

For professionals

It’s time to upskill. With new trends appearing every day, falling behind current technologies isn’t an option. Keep your career on a high. Beginner and advanced courses, backed by practical advice, will have you retooled in short time.

For employers

When your employees are skilled up, you company is skilled up. That means you’ll work faster and deliver projects sooner. Code College ’s courses cover the latest syllabi from international vendors to make your workers the competitive edge your company needs.

Code College is BEE Level 4 compliant.

  • This means that 100% of your procurement spend will count towards your BEE qualification

  • You can earn further points on your spend towards your procurement scorecard for BEE

  • Download our BEE Certificate at the bottom of this page

Corporate Social Responsibility

Let us eradicate unemployment by training unemployed people to become highly in-demand software developers!

Have a look here on how to partner with us.

What Code College offers

The most authentic IT training you’ll find anywhere, Code College course delivery is based on decades of IT training experience and a deep passion for revealing the power of software. Here’s what you’ll get:

Practical training

Employers want candidates who can do what they’ve studied. What sets Code College apart is our emphasis on practical drills. Each phase of theory is accompanied by exercises that add practice to your knowledge and projects that built your ability to apply your new skills to real-world solutions. Once graduated, you’ll be able to prove your capabilities confidently to employers.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein

Read 35 quotes on the value of experience

Expert tuition

Your lecturers are all technically capable, patient, observant and passionate about their subject. Each has a tertiary qualification / certification in IT and a successful track record in lecturing. So you’ll receive insightful instruction, one-on-one mentoring, advanced tips for success and helpful advice for exams and job interviews. They are always on hand to answer questions and can be available on IM by arrangement.

If you are an experience, passionate lecturer in any of the courses on offer here, and you are looking for an opportunity to join us full-or part-time, please contact us .

Convenient, comfortable location

Code College is situated in Pinewood Office Park in Woodmead, just off the N1, and is easily accessible from anywhere in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.  Lecture rooms are comfortably sized and groups are small enough for lecturers to assist each student personally, creating an energetic atmosphere geared for progress.

  • The closest Gautrain bus stop to us is : M3-15 Sunninghill Hospital, Bowling Ave

The bus route map from Midrand station can be downloaded here.

Pinewood Office Park

International certification

Certification exams are held at authorised Prometric / Pearson exam centres and are not administered by Code College . Our exam prep courses strictly follow the required curriculum for your chosen qualification. Mock exams, tests and advice prepare you thoroughly for your final sitting. Code College students have enjoyed a near-perfect pass rate in achieving certification. Here is an example of an international Oracle Certificate from one of our 2016 ex-students.oca-certificate . This is just one example, if you want to see more please come in for a meeting.

MICT Accreditation


Provider Number: ACC/2018/07/0052

View Code College profile on Ariba Discovery

Some of our courses are specifically aligned for the NQF Framework and it will be indicated as such before you start with that specific course. Otherwise by default a course is not in the NQF framework. We will be updating that specific course brochure in the alignment section if it is.

Job placement

Code College works with sister company Compuways IT Recruitment to ensure you find employment after graduation. We have almost 2000 IT employers on record and we’ve placed almost every graduate who requested our assistance.

Distance Learning

All courses are available in a distance learning format on request.

From our founder, Arnold Graaff

Greetings. I’m Arnold Graaff, the founder of Code College and one of it’s most active lecturers. I don’t continue to lecture out of necessity but from a passion for imparting knowledge – especially when it comes to IT.

When I say this, I mean it from the heart: get into information technology. It’s one of the most honest, fun and rewarding careers you could ever hope for.

And if you are a parent, I repeat: get your child into information technology. IT workers have been in demand since I can remember and will still be in demand for decades to come – there’s still so much to do. So you’ll be setting them up for a successful career with endless opportunities. The sky’s the limit.

I find no greater joy than revealing the “mysteries” of software to my students. As we progress through each course, I see the light bulbs go on one by one, as they realise that there’s little they can’t accomplish in this field.

Code College will help you get the education you need and take the first crucial steps: honing your skills both mentally and practically, achieving certification, setting and attending interviews, and settling into your new career.

I invite you to visit our contact page if you need more information, or register for one of our numerous courses online without delay.

Thank you for choosing Code College .

Arnold Graaff

Founder and Senior Lecturer

PythonSoftwareFoundation C++ Institute Partner


About Arnold

Arnold Graaff, the founder of Compuways IT Consulting and Code College , comes from a distinguished programming and lecturing background. He studied BSc Computer Science at the University of Johannesburg and completed his Honours in BSc Computer Science at the University of Pretoria.

Arnold started his career as a programmer in a scientific environment and successfully developed real-time systems that sold on the international market. Afterwards, he worked with commercial systems and started training IT programmers for the first time. He then worked in a similar position overseas and on his return in 1990, founded a company for freelance IT consultants (Compuways) while lecturing part-time at a UNISA college (for the love of it).

“Training always gave me satisfaction. I love empowering people – there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing someone’s eyes light up when mastering a new skill.”

Arnold believes that exhaustive practice is necessary to augment knowledge acquire in any technical field.

“Although many students focus on internationally recognised certification, employers require staff who can practically apply what they have learned. That’s what creates income for their business. And that’s why Code College focuses on ample practical exercises and projects during our courses. If students can execute what they have learned, they will find certification much easier than if they had only studied the materials. Plus, their confidence will be readily recognised by prospective and existing employers.”

Where to start?

The table below gives some guidelines. If you are still not sure, we will assist. Just go to the contact page and send us an email.

Matriculants / Newcomers:

  • No entry requirements if you have passed IT coding at tertiary school level or
  • Intro to Programming or (Passing this will allow you into all Coding Bootcamps and Beginner Coding courses)


IT Professionals:

Please refer to the pre-requisite section on every course page


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