How long to pass certification?

Depending on your current skill level, here are some true, recent examples of successes in this regard.

“We have more orders for junior, internationally certified Java programmers (with a good practical project) than we can supply. If you want to get into the lucrative job market of Java Programming, here is the place to start.” – Arnold

2013 – October – Java Job Prep student Daniel, started with zero programming experience and after 3 months was ready to sit for his SCJP exam which he did and passed with 71% .

2013 – August – Java Job Prep student Pierre, already an experienced COBOL programmer, passed his OCA Java Exam 6 weeks after he has joined us.

2012 – Lincy was an experienced COBOL Programmer and trained in Java already when she enrolled on our Java Exam workshop. She went to write the SCJP exam at SUN a week after our course and passed with a score of 91% .