Advanced Android Programming (23-27 March)

Advanced Android Programming Training Course




Beginner Android

Advanced Java


Day 1

  •  Android and Model View Controller
  •  The activity lifecycle
  •  Debugging Android apps
  •  Your second activity
  •  Android SDK Versions and compatibility
  •  UI fragments and the fragment manager

Day 2


  •  Creating user interfaces with Layouts and widgets
  • Displaying Lists with ListFragment
  • Using fragment arguments
  • Using ViewPager
  • Dialogs
  • Audio playback using MediaPlayer
  • Retained Fragments

Day 3


  • Localization
  • The action Bar
  • Saving and loading local files
  • Context menus and Contextual Action Mode
  • Camera 1 View finder
  • Camera 2 Taking pictures and handling images
  • Implicit intents

Day 4


  • Two pane Master Detail Interfaces
  •  More about intents and tasks
  •  Styles and includes
  •  XML Drawables and 9 patches
  •  HTTP and Background Tasks
  •  Loopers, handlers and handler/thread

Day 5


  •  Background services
  •  Broadcast intents
  •  Browsing the Web and  Webview
  •  Custom views and touch events
  •  Tracking the Device’s location
  •  Local Databases with SOlite
  •  Loading Asynchronous Data with loaders
  •  Using maps

Duration and pricing


  • Full-time over 5 days (R8995 excl VAT)
  • Part-time over 4 weeks (2 nights per week, 3 hour sessions) (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Part-time over 8 Saturdays, 3 hour sessions (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Distance-learning over up to 3 months (R7995 excl Vat)



1. Upon completion of this course we will issue you with attendance certificate to certify your attendance and / or completion of the prescribed minimum examples.
2. You have the option to get the competency / academic certificate if you :
hand in a project (pre-approved) covering most of the topics in the book.



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