2016-04-22 Arnold

I transitioned into the tech scene through a coding bootcamp — Dev Bootcamp in New York. The process has at times been exciting, frightening, and challenging. At this point, I feel like I have outgrown the impostor syndrome that many bootcamp grads go through. However, comments people make both in person and on social media sometimes put me a little on edge.

A few months ago, a CEO whom I both respect and admire posted something denigrating about bootcamp grads. It basically said that all the new bootcamp grads will finally be able to get jobs now that the government is including tech skills in high school education.

I was shocked to see this. I didn’t feel like I could call him out on it, either. After all, by this time, I had less than a year’s experience in the real world. And maybe he’s right, maybe most bootcamp grads aren’t the best employees when they come right out.

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