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Python Bootcamp 20 Feb

Pre-requisites Intro to Coding or IT in Matric Content Modules covered Summary Beginner Python Python Language and OO Fundamentals Advanced Python (Full-Stack) Building Various Apps with Python SQL SQL Querying Django Python Web development JavaScript Front-End Must-Have HTML5/CSS3 Publish to iOs and Android or Stay Pure Duration: Every module is presented in-classroom for 5 full days, … Continue reading Python Bootcamp 20 Feb

Employers – are you missing out on software superstars?

I transitioned into the tech scene through a coding bootcamp — Dev Bootcamp in New York. The process has at times been exciting, frightening, and challenging. At this point, I feel like I have outgrown the impostor syndrome that many bootcamp grads go through. However, comments people make both in person and on social media sometimes put … Continue reading Employers – are you missing out on software superstars?

Beginner Python

Python Beginner Prerequisites You should already be at the Introduction to Programming. If in doubt, you must be able to pass this test in a programming language of your choice, before attempting this course. Intended Audience Whether you are new to programming or a professional developer, this book is designed to bring you up to … Continue reading Beginner Python