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Demand for Software Developers

Ever since I started my career in the eighties there was a demand for software developers and the demand only grew, and still grows, with time. Here is a list of recent articles about the most in-demand-jobs in the near future:  

24 – 28 July Django

Intended Audience This Django Training Course is for Python programmers who want to learn the best and most-widely used framework for developing Python-based Web applications. Prerequisites  / Further Training Recommended sequence Summary Introduction to Programming. Fundamentals of Computer Programming Beginner Python Python Language and OO Fundamentals Advanced Python (Full-Stack) Building Various Apps with Python Django or Flask … Continue reading 24 – 28 July Django

3 – 7 July Beginner Java

Prerequisites  / Further Training You should not be a complete beginner for this course. If you cannot pass this test, you must do Intro To Programming first. Recommended sequence Summary Beginner Java Java Language and OO Fundamentals Advanced Java (Full-Stack) Building Apps with Java Java Servlets Beginner Java Web development Also have a look at our … Continue reading 3 – 7 July Beginner Java

Employers – are you missing out on software superstars?

I transitioned into the tech scene through a coding bootcamp — Dev Bootcamp in New York. The process has at times been exciting, frightening, and challenging. At this point, I feel like I have outgrown the impostor syndrome that many bootcamp grads go through. However, comments people make both in person and on social media sometimes put … Continue reading Employers – are you missing out on software superstars?

Introduction to Programming

Prerequisites Our Introduction to Programming training course accepts anyone with no previous training in computer programming. If you cannot pass the Introduction to Programming Test, you should be doing this course before attempting Beginner Java, Beginner C#, Beginner PHP , Beginner Python etc. It is recommended that you have your own laptop – please check … Continue reading Introduction to Programming

Angular JS 5 – 9 May

[wp_objects_pdf] Angular JS   Prerequisites   This is not a beginners course, to get the most out of the course, you should be at a minimum be familiar with HTML and Javascript. The following of our courses can be recommended :   HTML / CSS,  HTML5 / JavaScript , Beginning SQL  and Intro to Programming Intended Audience Web … Continue reading Angular JS 5 – 9 May