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7 Aug Mobile Web Development

Professional Mobile Web Development using mainly HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Learn how to build lean and fast performing web mobile apps like native apps Prerequisites Before attempting Mobile Web Development Programming on its own, you should have previous web design and development experience and knowledge of  HTML, CSS and basic Javascript. Contents: Day 1: Responsive Web Design Get on … Continue reading 7 Aug Mobile Web Development

17 – 21 July Android

This Android Training Course will help you build your first working application quick-quick. You’ll learn hands-on how to structure your app, design interfaces, create a database, make your app work on various smartphones and tablets, and if you want to pass the international exam AND-401, in Android, the syllabus is covered. Prerequisites Before attempting Android … Continue reading 17 – 21 July Android

3 – 7 July Beginner Java

Prerequisites  / Further Training You should not be a complete beginner for this course. If you cannot pass this test, you must do Intro To Programming first. Recommended sequence Summary Beginner Java Java Language and OO Fundamentals Advanced Java (Full-Stack) Building Apps with Java Java Servlets Beginner Java Web development Also have a look at our … Continue reading 3 – 7 July Beginner Java

Built-In Garbage Collection: What Is it and Do You Need it?

Managing memory is one of the tediums of developers. That’s why so many experts automate this task—and call it, aptly, garbage collection. This seemingly mundane task is actually an essential element of more than three-fourths of the most widely used programming languages. That demonstrates that developers know what it takes—and know they don’t want to … Continue reading Built-In Garbage Collection: What Is it and Do You Need it?