Intro to Programming Training Course

Learn the fundamentals of Programming, and how to apply your knowledge


  • 5 Days

What do I need?

  • Webinar : A laptop, and a stable internet connection. The recommended minimum speed is around 10 Mbps.
  • Classroom Training : A laptop, please notify us if you are not bringing your own laptop. Please see the calendar below for the schedule


  • Attendance : If you have attended 80% of the sessions and completed all the class work, you qualify for the Attendance Certificate. (Course Price : R8 995)
  • Competency : If you have also enrolled for the additional competency projects, you qualify for the Competency Certificate. (Course Price : R12 500)


  • 5 Full Days or 40 hours part time

Who will benefit

    School leavers intending to do one of our Coding Bootcamps. Professionals who are already familiar with another programming language This course is also the first module in all our our Coding Bootcamps

What you will learn

  • Know the Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and how they work together to build apps.
  • Know how to debug JavaScript programs in the browser.
  • Know how to use data structures, control flow to build 5-10 useful small apps combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Have enough JavaScript knowledge to pass a recognised international JavaScript Quiz.
  • Build an HTML Web Site showing off your portfolio of projects and host it online.

Entry Test

  • If you are not a complete beginner, you may skip the Intro to Programming Course but then you have to pass this test in a programming language of your choice: Intro To Programming Test

Day One

Part I: What Is JavaScript? Alert! JavaScript Is Awesome! 

1: Programming the Web

  • What Is Programming? 
  • Talking to Computers 
  • Choosing a Language
  • What Is JavaScript? 
  • Get Your Browser Ready
  • Opening the Web Developer Tools
  • Introducing the JavaScript Console
  • Running Your First JavaScript Commands
  • Having Fun with Math 

2: Understanding Syntax

  • Saying Precisely What You Mean
  • Making a Statement 
  • Following the Rules

3: Giving and Receiving Data

  • Mastering Variables
  • Understanding Data Types 
  • Prompting the User for Input
  • Responding to Input
  • Combining Input and Output 

4: Fiddling with Web Applications

  • Introducing JSFiddle
  • Creating a JSFiddle Account
  • Sharing Your Fiddle
  • Saving Your App

Part II: Animating the Web 

5: JavaScript and HTML 

  • Writing HTML
  • Knowing Your HTML Elements 
  • Adding Attributes to Elements 
  • Changing HTML with JavaScript 

Day Two

6: JavaScript and CSS

  • Meet Douglas the JavaScript Robot
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Properties Give You Style 
  • Customize Your Own JavaScript Robot! 

7: Building an Animated Robot

  • Changing CSS with JavaScript
  • Make Douglas Dance!

Part III: Getting Operations 

8: Building Your Dream Car with Operands 

  • Knowing Your Operands
  • Working with Objects
  • Configuring Your Dream Car 

9: Putting It Together with Operators

  • Introducing the Super Calculator 
  • Super Calculator Tricks 
  • 10: Creating Your Own JavaScript Word Game

    • Creating a Variable Story 
    • Creating the Word Replacement Game 

    Day Three

    Part IV: Arrays and Functions

    11: Creating and Changing Arrays

    • What Are Arrays? 
    • Creating and Accessing Arrays
    • Changing Array Element Values 
    • Working with Array Methods
    • Learning the Ways of Arrays 

    12: Making It Functional 

    • Understanding Functions 
    • Knowing What Functions Are Made Of
    • Building Function Junction 

    13: Creating a Wish List Program

    • Introducing the Wish List Program 
    • Forking the Code
    • Writing the HTML
    • Writing the JavaScript Code 

    Day Four

    Part V: Freedom of Choice 

    14: Making Decisions with the If...Else Statement 

    • Boolean Logic 
    • Introducing if...else Statements
    • Combining Comparisons with Logical Operators
    • Freshening Up the JavaScript Pizzeria

    15: Doing Different Things with Switch

    • Writing a Switch 
    • Building the Activity‐of‐the‐Day Calendar

    16: Choose Your Own Adventure

    • Planning the Story 
    • Playing the Game
    • Forking the Code
    • Tiptoeing through the HTML and CSS
    • Writing the Martian Rescue! JavaScript 

    Day Five

    Part VI: Loops 

    17: What’s This Loop For?

    • Introducing the for Loop
    • Random Weather Forecasting 

    18: Using While Loops

    • Writing a while Loop 
    • Coding the Lunch Game 
    • Moving to Your Own Website 

    19: Building a Lemonade Stand

    • Playing the Game
    • A Lesson in Business 
    • Building the Game
    • Improving the Lemonade Game 

    Competency Projects / Assessments (If you have enrolled for the Competency Certification)

    • JavaScript Assesment 1
    • JavaScript Assesment 2
    • JavaScript Assesment 3

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