Java for Kids

Intended Audience

  • A minimum of Grade 7 is required to do this course

What do I need?

  • If Live Online Training : A laptop, and a stable internet connection. The recommended minimum speed is around 10 Mbps.
  • If Classroom Training : If you are not brining your own laptop (recommended), please let us know so we can have one ready for you.


  • A progress report will be issued for an incomplete year
  • After all classwork is completed, and the assessments passed, a Competency Certificate will be issued


  • 6 Months (20 one hour lessons, 10 per term, one per week)
  • Crash Course This course can be crashed over a periond of 1-2 weeks full-time


  • Know how Web Pages are created
  • Know how to seperate content and style
  • Use web standards
  • Create great-looking web pages
  • Build modern layouts


Part 1 - Your First Java Program

  • How to Install Java on your Computer
  • Three Main Steps in Programming
    • Step 1 - Type the Program
    • Step 2 - Compile the Program
    • Step 3 - Run the Program


    Moving to eclipse

    • Installing Eclipse
    • Getting Started with Eclipse
    • Creating Programs in Eclipse
    • Running HelloWorld in Eclipse
    • How HelloWorld works


    Pet and Fish - Java Classes

    • Classes and Objects
    • Data Types
    • Creation of a pet
    • Inheritance - A Fish is also a Pet
    • Method Overriding
    • Additional Reading


    Java Building Blocks

    • Program Comments
    • Making Decicions with if Statements
    • Logical Operators
    • The logical not here is applied to the expression in parentheses
    • Conditional operator
    • Using else if
    • Making Decisions with switch Statement
    • How Long Variables Live?
    • Special Methods: Constructors
    • The Keyword this
    • Arrays
    • Repeating Actions with Loops


    A Graphical Calculator

    • AWT and Swing
    • Packages and Import Statements
    • Major Swing Elements
    • Layout Managers
      • Flow layout
      • Grid Layout
      • Border Layout
      • Combining Layout Managers
      • Box Layout
      • Grid Bag Layout
      • Card Layout
      • Can I Create Windows Without Using Layouts
    • Window Components


    Window Events

    • Interfaces
    • Action Listener
      • Registering Components with ActionListener
      • What's the Source of an Event?
    • How to Pass Data Between Classes
    • Finishing Calculator
      • Some Other event Listeners
    • How to use Adapters
    • Additional Reading


    The Tic-tac-Toe Applet

    • Learning HTML in 15 Minutes
    • Writing Applets Using AWT
    • How to write AWT Applets
    • Writing a Tic-tac-Toe Game
      • The Strategy
      • The Code


    Program Errors- Exceptions

    • Reading the Stack Trace
    • Genealogical Tree of Exceptions
    • The keyword throws
    • The keyword finally
    • The keyword throw
    • Creating New Exceptions


    Saving the Game Score

    • Byte Streams
    • Buffered Streams
    • Command-Line Arguments
    • Reading Text Files
    • Class File


    More Java Building Blocks

    • Working with Date and Time Values
    • Method Overloading
    • Reading Keyboard Input
    • More on Java Packages
    • Access Levels
    • Getting Back to Arrays
    • Class ArrayList


    Back to Graphics - The Ping Pong Game

    • The Strategy
    • The Code
    • Java Threads Basics
    • Finishing Ping Pong Game
    • What to Read Next on Game Prgramming

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