Beginner PHP Training Course

Learn the fundamentals of PHP, and how to apply your PHP knowledge


  • 5 Days

What do I need?

  • Webinar : A laptop, and a stable internet connection. The recommended minimum speed is around 10 Mbps.
  • Classroom Training : A laptop, please notify us if you are not bringing your own laptop. Please see the calendar below for the schedule


  • Attendance : If you have attended 80% of the sessions and completed all the class work, you qualify for the Attendance Certificate. (Course Price : R14 995)
  • Competency : If you have also enrolled for the additional competency projects, you qualify for the Competency Certificate. (Course Price : R18 995)



Our Intro To Programming level is required for entry into this course

What you will learn

  • Learn language fundamentals, including data types, variables, operators, and flow control statements
  • Explore functions, strings, arrays, and objects
  • Apply common web application techniques, such as form processing, data validation, session tracking, and cookies
  • Interact with relational databases like MySQL or NoSQL databases such as MongoDB

Day One

Introduction to PHP

  • What Does PHP Do?
  • A Brief History of PHP
  • Installing PHP
  • A Walk Through PHP

Language Basics

  • Lexical Structure
  • Data Types
  • Variables

Day Two

Language Basics continue

  • Expressions and Operators
  • Flow-Control Statements
  • Including Code
  • Embedding PHP in Web Pages


  • Calling a Function
  • Defining a Function
  • Variable Scope
  • Function Parameters
  • Return Values
  • Variable Functions
  • Anonymous Functions

Day Three


  • Quoting String Constants
  • Printing Strings
  • Accessing Individual Characters
  • Cleaning Strings
  • Encoding and Escaping
  • Comparing Strings
  • Manipulating and Searching Strings
  • Regular Expressions


  • Indexed Versus Associative Arrays
  • Identifying Elements of an Array
  • Storing Data in Arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Extracting Multiple Values
  • Converting Between Arrays and Variables
  • Traversing Arrays
  • Sorting
  • Acting on Entire Arrays
  • Using Arrays
  • Iterator Interface

Day Four


  • Time Zones
  • Date Math

Web Techniques

  • Terminology
  • Creating an Object
  • Accessing Properties and Methods
  • Declaring a Class
  • Introspection
  • Serialization

Web Techniques

  • HTTP Basics
  • Variables
  • Server Information
  • Processing Forms
  • Setting Response Headers
  • Maintaining State
  • SSL

Day Five


  • Using PHP to Access a Database
  • Relational Databases and SQL
  • MySQLi Object Interface
  • SQLite
  • Direct File-Level Manipulation
  • MongoDB

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