The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a hot topic in IT and educational conversations nowadays. No it does not mean computers are going to do all human jobs, it will actually create more jobs, BUT: future jobs will require a lot more coding knowledge / skills than before. So here is another good reason why everyone should learn to code or understand coding.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is an era in which hardware, software, and biology will work closer together with the help of advances in communication and connectivity. This era will be marked by breakthroughs in emerging technologies in fields such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology,  the Internet of Things, decentralized consensus, fifth-generation wireless technologies (5G), 3D printing and fully autonomous vehicles.

How can Code College assist you and yours to be ready for the future?

You are never to old to learn coding. We have coding training for all ages – from 6 years old. Talk to us and see how we can get you started for 4ir.

You need a solid foundation in coding before you to enter a specialisation like

  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet Of Things
  • Blockchain

PS: also referred to as Industry 4.0