Full Stack Web Coding Bootcamp

What is a Full Stack Web Coding Bootcamp?

A Full Stack Web Coding Bootcamp is a coding bootcamp which teaches the skills required to develop the front-end and the back-end of a software product. The front-end being the web user interface and the back-end representing the business process, the database and security. A Coding Bootcamp is a software training program that is aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to meet the most current demands in terms of software skills required by industry (also called the skills gap). We all know that the software industry is fast-moving and continuously evolving. This has the effect that there is always a demand for current software skills. A coding bootcamp is basically a short-cut into the coding industry by focusing the training programme on the most in – demand skills. Read about the shortage of computer programmers in South Africa.

What are the most in demand skills?

According to the influential site Stackoverflow.com here are the most popular programming languages in 2017:

What should I choose?

The 4 most highly used programming languages are JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, and PHP. It must be noted that it cannot be as trivial as to just compare JavaScript with a back-end language without looking at the difference. JavaScript is used in the browser, therefore most widely found everywhere – every back-end needs a browser on the front-end. Back-end languages are responsible for the business process, database storage, and retrieval and security. Back-end languages include Java, C#, Python, PHP.  Java, C#, and PHP are mostly used by bigger corporates like banks, etc. Python and Javascript (as a back-end language – part of Node.JS) are the most up and coming languages, but still behind Java in banking implementations yet.

We offer

In short courses we offer Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, SQL and more..

In Bootcamp format we offer

Python Bootcamp

Mobile / Progressive Web App Bootcamp

Java Bootcamp. One thing to remember is that Java has quite an established community, body of knowledge and support on the internet. It is arguably the best language to learn as a first programming language, because it is strongly typed and makes a good language to learn Object Orientation concepts from. It is normally easier to learn another language after a Java Bootcamp, than to learn Java after learning another language like Python / PHP / Javascript first. Java also has an established international certification exam to show employers that you know the fundamentals.

What kind of job can I expect?

If this is your first job, you can be expected to be employed as a junior developer or intern in a company that uses the skill set that you then will have. Some companies choose to retrain our graduates into another language, but this is normally done in about a week or so. We have employers who ask us regularly for juniors, but we also assist in the job – hunting process so that students can apply in the open market. We have Compuways IT Recruitment (established for 25+ years) in our group that helps with the marketing of our students. Read the testimonials/success stories from placed students and employers.


We post testimonials on the home page and also here .


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