Getting School Leavers in Eldorado Park Ready for Coding

Code College is Training 40 final year school kids the basics of coding (Introduction To Programming) . This will enable them to enroll in further advanced practical training like Full Stack Web Coding which cover International Certification like the Java Bootcamp .

Our Intro To Programming Course is intended for people who know nothing about coding, and teach them all the fundamentals from a knowledge perspective as well as a competency perspective.

We also use our Intro To Programming Course Outcomes as an entry requirement for our Full Stack Web Coding Bootcamps . 

Wikipedia on Coding Bootcamps:

Coding bootcamps can be part-time or online, they may be funded by employers or qualify for student loans. According to a 2017 market research report, tuition ranges from free to $21,000 for a course, with an average tuition of $11,874.

In Europe, coding bootcamps can be free or a couple thousand euros per program. In contrast to formal university education, private offerings for training appear expensive.

On August 16, 2016, the US Department of Education announced up to $17 million in loans or grants for students to study with nontraditional training providers, including coding bootcamps. These grants or loans will be administered through the pilot program, EQUIP which stands for Educational Quality through Innovation Partnerships. 

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