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I highly recommend Code College’s Java Bootcamp

2018-08-15 Arnold

My journey with the Code College Java Bootcamp

My name is Pieter I made the switch to code at the age of 31. I came from the Film industry as a cinematographer. I was always interested in web design and programming, but never actively pursued a career in it. Last year I decided I want to go for it! I was too old to do a Computer Science degree and were told it isn’t a necessity to start in code. I did a few online courses to give me the basic fundamentals of HTML, css and JavaScript, but I wanted to focus more on backend development and somebody told me JAVA is a great language and you can get Oracle certification.

I looked at a few courses online and considered joining online bootcamps but for me person to person training was preferable. Online courses are dependent on your own motivation to learn and research sections you struggle with or don’t understand initially.

I came across Code College via google a week before the start of the new bootcamp. Arnold gave me a small entry test to do (the Java bootcamp is for beginners but a basic knowledge of programming is required). I completed it in a day or two thanks to basic fundamentals I mastered already.

My bootcamp class was quite small, with a few people doing it via skype. We started with Basic JAVA and progressed to MySQL, Advanced JAVA, Spring MVC and Spring Boot. Arnold went at a fair pace but made sure everybody understood sections before moving on.

The course is structured in a way which naturally progresses and teach you concepts and technologies you need to build Web applications.

Arnold has been in programming for many years but he keeps up to date with all the latest trends and technologies in order to keep the bootcamp fresh and relevant.

After the completion of the bootcamp I wrote my OCA exam and started handing out my CV to companies and recruiters, I was prepared for a lot of rejection but told myself I will continue to code and add more projects to my gitHub page to show potential employers that I am motivated as well a testimony of my ability.

I went for my first interview within a month of completing my bootcamp. They were very impressed with my knowledge of Spring Boot and the fact that I obtained my OCA certification. Employers like people with the right attitude and motivation to continue learning.

My advice to candidates for future Bootcampers:

  • Set up a gitHub page as soon as possible and push to repositories regularly.
  • Stackoverflow is your friend
  • Read a lot of blog posts on languages and frameworks that interest you.
  • Watch youtube tutorials on sections you don’t understand
  • It will be tempting to branch off from the bootcamp and learn other frameworks/languages and technologies but stick to what is taught in the bootcamp, it is most relevant to what employers want you to know.
  • Work on how you explain what you have learnt to other people, sometimes it is not what you know but how you are able to talk it out and explain your thought process. If you are stuck somewhere it is important to be able to explain to other coders what you are stuck with.

I highly recommend Code College

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