Matriculant Launches Programming Career With Loan

2015-09-08 Arnold

A recent graduate of GetCertified Code College was able to attend the institute’s Java Bootcamp course because of its policy of offering study loans to qualifying candidates.


Without that opportunity, says the graduate, he would have faced a significant delay in getting his career in software development started. However, because of it, he was able to commence his studies with GetCertified Code College in January of this year, having just passed his matric finals, and completed the course in 6 months.


Before even writing his Oracle Java Certification exams, the student interviewed with a prospective employer and landed his first job. (After training, participants register to sit for the internationally recognised Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam.)


So, in a short period, he was able to start earning what he calls “a very decent income compared to my friends”, doing what he loves. “Computing was the one subject I really excelled at in school,” he says. “So it was obvious that this was the career I wanted to follow.”


He chose Java because it’s found everywhere in business. “It’s a really popular programming language and if you learn it, you won’t have trouble getting a foot in the door.”


In applying for the loan, one thing stood in his way – average maths marks. However, according to Arnold Graaff, owner of GetCertified Code College and head lecturer, this is not the only criteria for being granted a loan or access to the programme. “While we do consider math scores, our aptitude test and face-to-face interviews play an equal role in determining a candidate’s overall suitability. In this person’s case, the outcome was positive and indicated he was quite capable of mastering the subject.”


As it turns out, the assessment was right. Talking to the student it’s obvious he’s passionate about programming and took his studies seriously throughout.


But what if a student cannot find work and pay their loan back? “That’s never happened,” says Graaff. “Junior Java programmers are in such high demand that candidates always find employment fairly soon after they qualify.”


That fact can be observed in Compuways – a technology recruitment agency and sister company to GetCertified Code College – that helps place graduating students. According to Graaff: “For years, Compuways has had a backlog of requests for junior Java programmers. That’s how entrenched the language is in the industry.”


Java is favoured by corporations due to its robust security, technical flexibility, and ability to process large amounts of data. With trillions of lines of code already written, there’s no end to the need for developers who grasp its inner workings.


The student credits his success to his determination and the expert tutoring he received. Arnold Graaff is the ideal lecturer, holding a BSc in Computer Science with Honours and boasting 30 years in the IT industry. “I liked that the classes were quite small and so Arnold gave individual attention to each person to make sure they understood the work.”


The course materials are backed by practical projects that challenge students’ understanding of the concepts. “I especially enjoyed the Java web application project because of the exposure to web technologies,” says the student. Coincidentally, his employer produces a Java web application that offers vehicle tracking and management and accepted him on the strength of his knowledge in this area.


GetCertified Code College welcomes loan requests from newly matriculated students who can motivate their need. Graaff also encourages those passionate about computers to take the entrance tests even if they have not achieved high maths scores. This is the best way to determine one’s aptitude for this exciting career path.


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