Java SE 7 Programming (Advanced Java) Part-time 14 March

2015-03-06 Arnold


Oracle OCP Certification aligned to Oracle Exam 1Z0-804


You should already be at the Beginner Java level before attempting this course.

Intended Audience

The Java SE 7 programming  (Advanced Java) course is intended for people who has completed our Beginner Java course or is at the same level. The Advanced Java training course is meant to apply everything you have learned in the Beginner Java course, learning new things and making use of more practical features of Java like IO, networking, data structures and more. After completing this course and the one before, you would have covered most of the topics required to prepare for the international exam, OCA and OCP as well as build small SE applications. To get intensive job-graded preparation assistance, have a look at our Java Bootcamp.

After this course you should be able to

Course Material

Course Material Provided

Course Contents

Day 1:
Static Classes

  • Static Methods,
  • Static Variables
  • Math Class
  • Math Methods
  • Static Imports

Wrapper classes

  • Autoboxing
  • Number formatting

Date / Time API

  • Moving backward and forward in time
  • Getting an object that extends Calendar
  • Working with Calendar objects
  • Highlights of the Calendar API

Day 3:

I/O Fundamentals

  • Saving Object state
  • Implement Serializable
  • Transient variables

File I/O (NIO.2)

  • Java I/O Streams
  • Path Interface
  • File Class
  • Stream API (NIO2)

Day 5:

Collections and Generics

  • Collections
  • Sorting an ArrayList with Collections.sort()
  • Generics and type-safety
  • Comparable interface
  • A Custom Comparator
  • Collection API : lists, sets, maps
  • HashSet
  • HashMap
  • Polymorphism wildcards

Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces

  • Listing the built-in interfaces included in java.util.function
  • Core interfaces – Predicate, Consumer, Function, Supplier
  • Using primitive versions of base interfaces
  • Using binary versions of base interfaces
Day 2:Exception Handling

  • What if you need to call risky code?
  • Checked Exceptions
  • Flow control in try/catch blocks
  • Exceptions are polymorphic
  • When you don’t want to handle an exception…
  • Ducking (by declaring) only delays the inevitable

Nested Classes

  • Getting GUI: A Very Graphic Story
  • Getting a user event
  • Listeners, Sources, and Events
  • An inner class instance must be tied to an outer class instance
  • How to make an instance of an inner class

Day 4:


  • Connecting, Sending, and Receiving
  • Network Sockets
  • Writing a simple server
  • Writing a Chat Client

 Threads & Concurrency

  • Thread class
  • Runnable interface
  • The Thread Scheduler
  • Putting a thread to sleep
  • Atomic methods
  • Using an object’s lock
  • Synchronization



Duration and pricing

  • Full-time over 5 days (R8995 excl VAT)
  • Part-time over 4 weeks (2 nights per week, 3 hour sessions) (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Part-time over 8 Saturdays, 3 hour sessions (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Distance-learning over up to 3 months (R7995 excl Vat)
  • The OCP Exam is not included in the course price


  1. Upon completion of this course we will issue you with attendance certificate to certify your attendance and / or completion of the prescribed minimum examples.
  2. You may sit for our Advanced Java assessment test and on passing you will obtain our competency certificate.
  3. Our Advanced Java assessment can be booked and taken by someone who has not enrolled for the course at a cost of R950.


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