Matriculants – How To Apply To Study With Us

In Matric and want to study with us next year?

Application procedure

Here is a summary of what we need from applicants 

Academic marks
Please send us your grade 11 marks and we will again need your mid-year marks after the mid-year exams and the same for the year-end results.
Aptitude test

All applicants must do an aptitude test. If there are a few students, the test can probably be performed at your premises and that will have to be arranged by Nome Consulting. If that is not possible, the test can be done at our premises at a convenient time in the morning and even on Saturday mornings. We attach the Nome Consulting application form at the bottom of this page.

Bursary applications

We will automatically apply for bursaries for students who have the right aptitude and also A or B symbols in Pure Maths.

Non-Bursary applications

Students will be allowed entrance into specific courses by taking into account their academic results as well as the aptitude test results and of course their preferred career wishes.

Summary of courses
  • IT Networking (Good pass in Matric)
  • SQL Database Administration (Good pass in Computer Applications Technology)
  • Web Developer (Good pass in Mathematics Literacy)
  • Application Developer (Good pass in Mathematics / IT)
There are always exceptions to the above, but the exceptions will be based on demonstrating motivation and ability to work hard, consistently.
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