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Please place Coding Bootcamp vs. Degree into perspective?

There is a different emphasis between a University degree and Industry skills. Read about the discussion between an HR Manager and an IT Manager of the typical company in South Africa. A University degree is good to complement your skillset in the long term and for you to progress in your career, but practical skills are needed to make the IT department fulfill their obligations, that is where the demand for software developers worldwide exists – in being competent.

A Coding Bootcamp’s purpose is exactly to fill the skills gap experienced by the industry.

Should we do a degree first or should we do a coding Bootcamp first?

You can get a job with a good set of practical skills with or without international industry certification because there is a huge demand. Can you learn to drive a car without reading the driver’s license manual? Yes, in fact, most people find it easier to learn the practical skills first and then do the theory. I remember in my days of studying for a degree, there were a lot of things that did not make sense when reading the book. Some of it only made sense years afterward, when I had the opportunity to practically apply it.

Advantages of doing a Coding Bootcamp before a degree:

  • Cheaper
  • Quicker
  • Chances of getting employed are better

If you do a degree after a Coding Bootcamp

  • It is easier to understand the subjects and study because you have mastered the practicality of the subject
  • You can pay for your own degree because you might be employed
  • You can pace your degree for part-time studies to suit your lifestyle
  • You have a better idea of which subjects to choose

Hundreds of years ago, Aristoteles found that you learn easier by doing

“For The Things We Have To Learn Before We Can Do Them, We Learn By Doing Them.”
― Aristotle

 “The Only Source Of Knowledge Is Experience.” Albert Einstein

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