What is Java?

Java is one of the most popular all-purpose programming languages in the world.

How can that be? Isn’t Java an old language that’s been around for decades? That’s right. And that’s exactly why software engineers, big corporations, device manufacturers and app developers trust it completely.

From the beginning, Java has offered in one complete package everything required to create any type of software imaginable. Java is used for business systems, web applications, desktop software, and controlling electronic devices. It’s also the number one choice for creating Android apps. And Oracle – the owners of Java – make sure it’s regularly updated with the latest features needed to solve today’s real-world problems and utilise the latest hardware technology to the fullest. Our flagship coding bootcamp is the java bootcamp because Java has a structured learning path with lots of resource available due to its stability.

Why learn Java?

Big firms want the systems that make them money to keep running smoothly. And software companies want to deliver reliable applications with few bugs. Java has helped them do that successfully. As a result, they’ve created trillions of lines of Java code over the years – and it works well.

So they’re not going to rewrite everything from scratch with the latest, coolest programming language that “everyone is learning”. What they want is more Java developers to help them upgrade their systems to work with new technologies such as the Cloud, mobile computing, social media, and distributed parallel processing.

That’s where you come in. Java is in demand. So, even with over 9 million Java developers worldwide, there’s ample room for new talent.

What you can look forward to

If you enjoy computers, solving problems, or just building things that are really cool, Java is for you. As a junior Java programmer, you’ll earn well and do interesting work that will keep you engaged. You’ll be involved in a variety of projects and, as your skills grow, you might find yourself coding specialised applications that few developers get the chance to work on.

Java is also a great springboard for high-paying specialist professions like software engineer, systems architect, or even software entrepreneur. Can you see yourself enjoying that kind of success? Whatever happens, you definitely won’t be bored.

Rest assured that you’ll have job security, safe in the knowledge that your skills will be in demand for many years to come.

Our Java Courses are classroom-based and can be done on-line too. Get trained by experience software consultants. We have been established for 25+ years and are today even more passionate about software and teaching it. We are an Oracle University Partner and part of their Workplace Skills Development Program in Java. If you are serious about learning, we are serious about teaching. Get Certified!

Java Fundamentals (for OCA)

Java Programming (for OCP)

Java Persistence API- JPA (for OCE)

Java Web Services (for OCE)

Enterprise Java Beans (for EJB)

Java Enterprise Edition (for JEE)

Spring MVC

Spring MicroServices

Our Java Bootcamp is intended for beginners to enter the Job Market. We do not only cover the international certification syllabus, but we also leach you the practical workplace skills required in the workplace today. Our emphasis on small classes ensure the raining is more effective for both learner and teacher.

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