Advanced JavaScript

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This ES6 JavaScript Coding Course will teach you everything you need to master the most widely used front-end language today and now also threatening back-end technologies with Node.JS.

Product Description

This JavaScript Coding Course will teach you everything you need to master the most widely used front-end language today.

  • Covering all the new Object-Oriented features introduced in ES6, this course shows you how to build large-scale web apps
  • Build apps that promote scalability, maintainability, and reusability
  • Learn popular Object-Oriented programming (OOP) principles and design patterns to build robust apps
  • Implement Object-Oriented concepts in a wide range of front-end architectures
  • Master JavaScript’s OOP features, including the one’s provided by ES6 specification
  • Identify and apply the most common design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Observer, Model-View-Controller, and Mediator Patterns
  • Understand the SOLID principles and their benefits
  • Use the acquired OOP knowledge to build robust and maintainable code
  • Design applications using a modular architecture based on SOLID principles

“Any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.”
—Atwood’s Law, by Jeff Atwood


This is an advanced course. You should be at the level of HTML5 / JavaScript programming before you do this course

Intended Audience:

Anybody who wants to understand and remember how to program with JavaScript using the best techniques and the most recent standards, including OO.

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Course Material


Course Contents


A Refresher of Objects

  • Object literals
  • Object constructors
  • Object prototypes
  • Using classes

OOP Principles

  • OOP principles
  • Is JavaScript Object Oriented?
  • Abstraction and modeling support
  • OOP principles support
  • JavaScript OOP versus classical OOP

Working with Encapsulation and Information Hiding

  • Encapsulation and information hiding
  • Convention-based approach
  • Privacy levels using closure
  • A meta-closure approach
  • Property descriptors
  • Information hiding in ES6 classes


Inheriting and Creating Mixins

  • Why inheritance?
  • Objects and prototypes
  • ES6 inheritance
  • Controlling inheritance
  • Implementing multiple inheritance
  • Creating and using mixins

 Defining Contracts with Duck Typing

  • Managing dynamic typing
  • Contracts and interfaces
  • Duck typing
  • Duck typing and polymorphism

Advanced Object Creation

  • Creating objects
  • Design patterns and object creation
  • Creating a singleton
  • An object factory
  • The builder pattern
  • Comparing factory and builder patterns
  • Recycling objects with an object pool


Presenting Data to the User

  • Managing user interfaces
  • Presentation patterns
  • The Model-View-Controller pattern
  • The Model-View-Presenter pattern
  • The Model-View-ViewModel pattern
  • A MV* pattern comparison

Data Binding

  • What is data binding?
  • Implementing data binding
  • The publish/subscribe pattern
  • Using proxies


Asynchronous Programming and Promises

  • Is JavaScript asynchronous?
  • Writing asynchronous code
  • Introducing Promises
  • Using Generators

Organizing Code

  • The global scope
  • Creating namespaces
  • The module pattern
  • Module loading
  • ECMAScript 6 modules


SOLID Principles

  • Principle of OOP design
  • The Single Responsibility Principle
  • The Open/Closed Principle
  • The Liskov Substitution Principle
  • The Interface Segregation Principle
  • The Dependency Inversion Principle

Modern Application Architectures

  • From scripts to applications
  • From old-style to Single Page Applications
  • The Zakas/Osmani architecture
  • Cross-cutting features and AOP
  • Isomorphic applications

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