Apache Cordova

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This Apache Cordova Training Course will equip you with the skills of this popular platform to develop state-of-the-art apps that will run on various mobile Operating Systems like Android and IoS


Knowledge of  HTML and JavaScript

Intended Audience

Web Developers focusing on working on the mobile platform, specifically building mobile-friendly

After this course you should be able to

See your HTML running as an app on your phone, it is incredible. Everything you had learned about web development will now enable you to create applications on mobile devices.



Getting started with Apache Cordova

  • What is Cordova?
  • The history of PhoneGap (and Cordova)
  • How PhoneGap and Cordova relate
  • What Cordova provides
  • What Cordova doesn’t provide
  • When you wouldn’t use Cordova
  • Web standards and Cordova

Installing Cordova and the Android SDK

  • Installing the Android SDK
  • Installing Apache Ant
  • Installing Git
  • Installing Node.js
  • Setting up your PATH
  • Installing Cordova
  • Making your first Cordova project


Creating Cordova projects 

  • Creating projects with the Cordova CLI
  • Digging into a Cordova project
  • Adding platforms
  • Working with Android emulators and devices
  • Working with devices
  • Sending your Cordova application to the emulator (or device)
  • Building your first real application

Using plugins to access device features 

  • What are plugins?
  • Finding (and evaluating) plugins
  • Managing plugins and the Cordova CLI
  • Plugins and the development cycle
  • The deviceready event
  • Plugin example: Dialogs
  • Better dialogs with the Cordova Dialogs plugin
  • Building an application with the Dialogs plugin
  • Plugin example: Camera
  • Plugin example: Contacts


Mobile design and user experience

  • Congratulations—you’re a (horrible) mobile developer!
  • Enhancing your Cordova UI with Bootstrap
  • Mobile UI frameworks: an overview

Considerations when building mobile apps

  • Congratulations—you’re a (slightly better) mobile developer!
  • Single-page applications and you
  • Building offline-ready Cordova applications
  • Supporting the entire planet
  • Storing data on the device

Tools for debugging Cordova and other hybrid apps

  • Finding the bug is nine-tenths the work of solving it
  • A broken app
  • Working with Chrome remote debugging on Android
  • Remote debugging with iOS and Safari
  • Working with Weinre
  • Other debugging options


Creating custom plugins

  • Why write your own plugins?
  • Plugin architecture
  • Building an Android plugin

Packing options for Cordova projects

  • Using config.xml to customize your Cordova project
  • Using merges for multiple platforms
  • Using hooks to enhance the Cordova CLI

Using PhoneGap tools

  • Working with PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap Build service
  • PhoneGap Developer App

Day 5


Submitting your app 

  • Releasing your app
  • Submitting your Android app
  • Submitting your iOS app

Building an RSS reader app with Ionic

  • Designing a simple RSS reader application
  • Using Ionic for Cordova development
  • RSS reader app: part one
  • RSS reader app: part two

Duration and pricing

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