C++ Beginner


Learn one of the most popular and widely-used languages in the world with our C++ Training Course. Learn Object-Orientation and if you are interested in the international exam, we also cover it.

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C++ Beginner 

Learn one of the most popular and widely-used languages in the world. Learn Object-Orientation and if you are interested in the international exam, our syllabus covers it.


You should not be a complete beginner for this course. If you cannot pass this test, you must do Intro To Programming first.


C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CAP) from the C++ Institute

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C++ Advanced

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Course Contents

DAY 1:

Setting Out to C++

  • C++ Initiation
  • C++ Statements
  • More C++ Statements
  • Functions
  • Summary
  • Chapter Review
  • Programming Exercises

Dealing with Data

  • Simple Variables
  • The const Qualifier
  • Floating-Point Numbers
  • C++ Arithmetic Operators

Compound Types

  • Introducing Arrays
  • Strings
  • Introducing the string Class
  • Introducing Structures
  • Unions
  • Enumerations
  • Pointers and the Free Store
  • Pointers, Arrays, and Pointer Arithmetic
  • Combinations of Types
  • Array Alternatives

Loops and Relational Expressions

  • Introducing for Loops
  • The while Loop
  • The do while Loop
  • The Range-Based for Loop (C++11)
  • Loops and Text Input
  • Nested Loops and Two-Dimensional Arrays
  • Summary
  • Chapter Review
  • Programming Exercises

DAY 2:

Branching Statements and Logical Operators

  • The if Statement
  • Logical Expressions
  • The cctype Library of Character Functions
  • The ?: Operator
  • The switch Statement
  • The break and continue Statements
  • Number-Reading Loops
  • Simple File Input/Output

Functions: C++’s Programming Modules

  • Function Review
  • Function Arguments and Passing by Value
  • Functions and Arrays
  • Functions and Two-Dimensional Arrays
  • Functions and C-Style Strings
  • Functions and Structures
  • Functions and string Class Objects
  • Functions and array Objects
  • Recursion
  • Pointers to Functions

Adventures in Functions

  • C++ Inline Functions
  • Reference Variables
  • Default Arguments
  • Function Overloading
  • Function Templates

Memory Models and Namespaces

  • Separate Compilation
  • Storage Duration, Scope, and Linkage
  • Namespaces

DAY 3:

Objects and Classes

  • Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Abstraction and Classes
  • Class Constructors and Destructors
  • Knowing Your Objects: The this Pointer
  • An Array of Object
  • Class Scope
  • Abstract Data Types

Working with Classes

  • Operator Overloading
  • Time on Our Hands: Developing an Operator
  • Overloading Example
  • Introducing Friends
  • Overloaded Operators: Member Versus Nonmember
  • Functions
  • More Overloading: A Vector Class
  • Automatic Conversions and Type Casts for Classes

Classes and Dynamic Memory Allocation

  • Dynamic Memory and Classes
  • The New, Improved String Class
  • Things to Remember When Using new
  • in Constructors
  • Observations About Returning Objects
  • Using Pointers to Objects
  • Reviewing Techniques
  • A Queue Simulation

Class Inheritance

  • Beginning with a Simple Base Class
  • Inheritance: An Is-a Relationship
  • Polymorphic Public Inheritance
  • Static and Dynamic Binding
  • Access Control: protected
  • Abstract Base Classes
  • Inheritance and Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Class Design Review

DAY 4:

Reusing Code in C++

  • Classes with Object Members
  • Private Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Class Templates

Friends, Exceptions, and More

  • Friends
  • Nested Classes
  • Exceptions
  • Runtime Type Identification
  • Type Cast Operators

The string Class and the Standard

  • Template Library
  • The string Class
  • Smart Pointer Template Classes
  • The Standard Template Library
  • Generic Programming
  • Function Objects (a.k.a. Functors)
  • Algorithms
  • Other Libraries

Input, Output, and Files

  • An Overview of C++ Input and Output
  • Output with cout
  • Input with cin
  • File Input and Output
  • Incore Formatting

DAY 5:

Visiting with the New C++ Standard

  • C++11 Features Revisited
  • Move Semantics and the Rvalue Reference
  • New Class Features
  • Lambda Functions
  • Wrappers
  • Variadic Templates
  • More C++11 Features
  • Language Change



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