Delphi Grade 12


Product Description

Intended Audience

Grade 12 learners who passed Delphi in Grade 11


CAPS Curriculum


Delphi Grade 11

After this course you should be able to

Understand and implement the fundamentals of coding, using Delphi.

What do I need

  • Please bring your own laptop if you attend at our venue in Woodmead
  • Distance learning is available via video conference if you prefer to do this course from home, however you have to be online during the time of the live lecture.

Further Training / Support

Intro To Programming with Java Script / HTML / CSS

Course Contents

  • Algorithms and Problem Solving
  • User defined classes and objects
  • Multi-form GUI
  • Relational Databases
  • Two Dimensional Arrays
  • SQL


40, one hour sessions per year (could be on a weekday afternoon, or a Saturday) , once per week is the ideal target. (10 weeks in a school term)


Please read about our certificates


Please book by clicking here


Please email us


R2500 per school term (R9000 up front, covering the whole year)


Schedule is arranged after consultation

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