This Django training course teaches you to take full creative control of your web applications using the biggest and most widely used Python-based web framework. With this hands-on course, you’ll learn Django from the ground up. Django is an amazingly powerful system for creating modern, dynamic websites. This course teaches you Django’s core capabilities and its powerful contributed library. You’ll learn by building a fully functional Django website from scratch. You’ll learn how websites operate and how Django makes building websites easy, how to build solutions that are robust, reliable, and secure. In the process you will learn how any web framework works, not just Django. .


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Intended Audience

This Django Training Course is for Python programmers who want to learn the best and most-widely used framework for developing Python-based Web applications.

Prerequisites  / Further Training

Recommended sequence Summary
Introduction to Programming. Fundamentals of Computer Programming
Beginner Python Python Language and OO Fundamentals
Advanced Python (Full-Stack) Building Various Apps with Python
Django or Flask Python Web development in detail

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After this course you should be able to

Quickly start a new Django project and establish a strong foundation for a growing site

  • Define how your data is organized and create a SQLite database to manage it
  • Quickly produce HTML with Django templates
  • Create dynamic webpages with Django’s URL patterns and views, including function views, class-based views, and generic views
  • Enable efficient, reliable data input with Django Forms and custom form validations
  • Understand the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, compare it to Model-Template-Views, and gain a holistic understanding of Django’s structure
  • Write as little code as possible, simplify code reuse, and mitigate software decay by adhering to the Don’t Repeat Yourself paradigm.
  • Dive into Django source code to troubleshoot problems
  • Extend site functionality with Django’s contributed library
  • Protect your site with user authentication and permissions
  • Avoid security pitfalls such as SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF
  • Optimize site performance
  • Develop complete Python-based Web applications from start to finish in Django.

Course Material


Course Contents

Day 1

  • Starting a New Django Project
  • Building a Basic WebPage in Django
  • Programming Django Models and Creating a SQLite Database
  • Rapidly Producing HTML with Django Templates
  • Webpages with Controllers, Views and URL Configurations
  • Use Models, Templates, Views and URL Configurations to Create Links between Web Pages

Day 2

  • User Input with Forms
  • Displaying Forms in Templates
  • Controlling forms in Views
  • Migrations
  • The Contact Us Webpage
  • The Big Picture : Django’s Core

Day 3

  • Django’s Contributed Libraries
  • Pagination for Navigation
  • Django Flatpages
  • Static Content with Django
  • Generic class-based views
  • Advanced Generic class-based view usage

Day 4

  • Basic Authentication
  • Integrating Permissions
  • Authentication extension
  • Customised Authentication
  • Admin Library
  • Custom Managers and Querysets

Day 5

  • Handling Behavior with Signals
  • Performance Improvement of the website
  • Building Custom Template Tags
  • Adding RSS and Atom Feeds and a sitemap
  • Deploy
  • Starting a new Project Correctly

Duration and pricing

  • Full-time over 5 days (R9995 excl VAT)
  • Part-time over 4 weeks (2 nights per week, 3 hour sessions) (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Part-time over 8 Saturdays, 3 hour sessions (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Distance-learning over up to 3 months (R7995 excl Vat)


1. Upon completion of this course we will issue you with attendance certificate to certify your attendance and / or completion of the prescribed minimum examples.
2. You have the option to get the competency / academic certificate if you :
hand in a project (pre-approved) covering most of the topics in the book.


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