Intro to Programming

This Intro to Programming Course will teach you the fundamentals of coding. These topics that are common to all coding languages today: Variables, program flow, data structures, modularisation, functions and how to build basic solutions using these fundamentals. Although we are using JavaScript in this course, the emphasis is not on language, rather on generic coding fundamentals applicable to all coding languages today. Using JavaScript is a bonus because it is the most widely used coding language in the world and used by all other coding environments.


None. No Matric required, neither any previous training in computer programming for our Intro to Programming course. If you can pass this Entry Test, you may skip this course before doing any Beginner course like Beginner Java, Beginner C#, Beginner PHP , Beginner Python  Beginner C++ and more or any of the Bootcamps.

Intended Audience:

Anybody who has not programmed before and wants to get into programming the right way

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We cover various internationally known syllabi e.g.

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Programming the Web

  • What Is Programming?
  • Talking to Computers
  • Choosing a Language
  • What Is JavaScript?
  • Get Your Browser Ready
  • Opening the Web Developer Tools
  • Introducing the JavaScript Console
  • Running Your First JavaScript Commands
  • Having Fun with Math

Understanding Syntax

  • Saying Precisely What You Mean
  • Making a Statement
  • Following the Rules

Giving and Receiving Data

  • Mastering Variables
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Prompting the User for Input
  • Responding to Input
  • Combining Input and Output

Fiddling with Web Applications

  • Introducing JSFiddle
  • Creating a JSFiddle Account
  • Sharing Your Fiddle
  • Saving Your App

JavaScript and HTML

  • Writing HTML
  • Knowing Your HTML Elements
  • Adding Attributes to Elements
  • Changing HTML with JavaScript


JavaScript and CSS

  • Meet the JavaScript Robot
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Properties Give You Style
  • Customize Your Own JavaScript Robot!

Building an Animated Robot

  • Changing CSS with JavaScript
  • Make The Robot Dance


  • Knowing Your Operands
  • Working with Objects
  • Configuring Your Dream Car


  • Introducing the Super‐Calculator
  • Super‐Calculator Tricks

Creating A JavaScript Word Game

  • Creating a Variable Story
  • Creating the Word Replacement Game



  • What Are Arrays?
  • Creating and Accessing Arrays
  • Changing Array Element Values
  • Working with Array Methods
  • Learning the Ways of Arrays

Making It Functional with Functions

  • Understanding Functions
  • Knowing What Functions Are Made Of
  • Building Function Junction

Creating a Wish List Program

  • Introducing the Wish List Program
  • Writing the HTML
  • Writing the JavaScript Code

Making Decisions

  • If…Else Statement
  • Boolean Logic
  • Introducing if…else Statements
  • Combining Comparisons with Logical Operators
  • Freshening Up the JavaScript Pizzeria

Switch Statement

  • Writing a Switch
  • Building an Activity‐of‐the‐Day Calendar


Coding An Adventure Story Game

  • Planning the Story
  • Playing the Game
  • Forking the Code
  • Tiptoeing through the HTML and CSS
  • Writing the Martian Rescue! JavaScript


  • Introducing the for Loop
  • Random Weather Forecasting App

While Loops

  • Writing a while Loop
  • Coding a Lunch Game
  • Moving to Your Own Website

Building a Lemonade Stand Game

  • Playing the Game
  • A Lesson in Business
  • Building the Game
  • Improving the Lemonade Game


  • Practical Projects
  • Assesments

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