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Covering all the latest features and facilities of the Java EE 7 specification. Get up to date on what Java EE 7 offers. Aligned with ORACLE’s Java EE 7 Spec.

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Prerequisites / Further Training

You should be past the Java Advanced level

Intended Audience

This course is intended for Java Programmers who have mastered Java JSE and wants a thorough introduction to JEE .

After this Course

You should be familiar with the latest facilities and features of Java EE . Create Web Applications with Java using best practices. Servlets, JSF, primeFaces, JPA, Session Beans, CDI, JMS, Web Services with JAX-WS, JAX-RS. Build a Java Web Application that utilise all these features.

Course Material

  • Included in the course price.
  • Based on Java EE 7

Course Contents

Day 1

Introduction to JavaServer Faces

  • Developing our first JSF application
  • Facelets templating
  • Resource library contracts
  • Composite components
  • Faces flows
  • HTML5 support

JSF Component Libraries

  • Using PrimeFaces components in our JSF applications
  • Using ICEfaces components in our JSF applications
  • Using RichFaces components in our JSF applications

Day 2

Interacting with Databases through the Java Persistence API

  • Creating our first JPA entity
  • Automated generation of JPA entities
  • Generating JSF applications from JPA entities

Implementing the Business Tier with Session Beans

  • Introducing session beans
  • Creating a session bean
  • Accessing the bean from a client
  • Session bean transaction management
  • Implementing aspect-oriented programming with interceptors
  • The EJB Timer service
  • Generating session beans from JPA entities

Day 3

Contexts and Dependency Injection

  • Introduction to CDI
  • Qualifiers
  • Stereotypes
  • Interceptor binding types
  • Custom scopes

Messaging with JMS and Message-driven Beans

  • Introduction to JMS
  • Creating JMS resources from NetBeans
  • Implementing a JMS message producer
  • Consuming JMS messages with message-driven beans

Day 4

Java API for JSON Processing

  • The JSON-P object model API
  • The JSON-P streaming API

Java API for WebSocket

  • Examining the WebSocket code using samples included with NetBeans
  • Building our own WebSocket applications

Day 5

RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS

  • Generating a RESTful web service from an existing database
  • Testing our RESTful web service
  • Generating RESTful Java client code
  • Generating RESTful JavaScript clients for our RESTful web services

SOAP Web Services with JAX-WS

  • Introduction to web services
  • Creating a simple web service
  • Exposing EJBs as web services


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