Java Web Services


This hands-on Java Web Services Training Course delivers a clear, pragmatic approach to web services by providing an architectural overview, complete working code examples, and short yet precise instructions for compiling and deploying.

Product Description


You should know how to develop a complete Web App like the one we do in our Spring MVC course.

Intended Audience

Java Web Developers who want to improve/consolidate their skills in web services

After this course you should be able to

  • Develop REST-style and SOAP-based web services and clients with this quick and thorough introduction.
  • Prepare for the Java EE 6 Web Services Developer Certified Expert 1Z0-897 exam

Course Material

Supplied in electronic format

Course Contents

Day 1
Web Services Quickstart
  • Web Service Miscellany
  • What Good Are Web Services?
  • Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture
  • A Very Short History of Web Services
  • What Is REST?
  • Review of HTTP Requests and Responses
  • HTTP as an API
  • A First RESTful Example
  • Why Use Servlets for RESTful Web Services?
Day 2
RESTful Web Services: The Service Side
  • A RESTful Service as an HttpServlet
  • A RESTful Web Service as a JAX-RS Resource
  • A RESTful Web Service as Restlet Resources
  • A RESTful Service as a @WebServiceProvider
RESTful Web Services: The Client Side
  • A Perl Client Against a Java RESTful Web Service
  • A Client Against the Amazon E-Commerce Service
  • A Standalone JAX-B Example
  • Another Client Against the Amazon E-Commerce Service
  • The CTA Bus-Tracker Services
  • RESTful Clients and WADL Documents
  • The JAX-RS Client API
  • JSON for JavaScript Clients
Day 3
SOAP-Based Web Services
  • A SOAP-Based Web Service
  • The RandService in Two Files
  • Clients Against the RandService
  • The WSDL Service Contract in Detail
  • SOAP-Based Clients Against Amazon’s E-Commerce Service
SOAP Handlers and Faults
  • The Handler Level in SOAP-Based Services and Clients
  • Handlers and Faults in the predictionsSOAP Service
  • A Handler Chain with Two Handlers
  • SOAP-Based Web Services and Binary Data
  • The Transport Level
  • Axis2
Day 4
Web Services Security
  • Wire-Level Security
  • A Very Lightweight HTTPS Server and Client
  • HTTPS in a Production-Grade Web Server
  • Container-Managed Security
  • WS-Security
Day 5
Web Services and Java Application Servers
  • The Web Container
  • Toward a Lightweight JAS
  • GlassFish Basics
  • Servlet-Based Web Services Under GlassFish
  • An Interactive Website and a SOAP-Based Web Service
  • A @WebService as a @Stateless Session EJB
  • TomEE: Tomcat with Java EE Extensions
  • Where Is the Best Place to Be in Java Web Services?

Duration and pricing

  • In pricing Group A



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