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Intended Audience
Anyone who wants to see his coding skills applied in a practical way, by customising Minecraft. The best way to learn is to experience it, practically. This course is intended to enforce your learning experience by applying practical techniques in an environment which is quite familiar to most people today, Minecraft.

After this course you should be able to:

  • Know the basic building blocks of a programming language like Python or Java
  • Use the basic coding fundamentals, to customise Minecraft scenes to your liking

What to bring

Please bring your own laptop.



Course Contents:


  • Why Learn to Program?
  • Why Python?
  • Why Minecraft?
  • What’s in This Book?
  • Online Resources
  • Let the Adventure Begin!

Setting Up for Your Adventure

  • Setting Up Your Windows PC
  • Installing Minecraft
  • Installing Python
  • Installing Java
  • Installing the Minecraft Python API and Spigot
  • Running Spigot and Creating a Game
  • Starting Over with a New World
  • Playing Offline
  • Switching to Survival Mode
  • Getting to Know IDLE
  • Getting to Know the Python Shell
  • Say Hello to IDLE’s Text Editor
  • When to Use the Python Shell and When to Use the Text Editor
  • The Prompts Used in This Book
  • Testing Your Minecraft Python Setup

Teleporting with Variables

What Is a Program?

Storing Data with Variables

  • The Structure of Programming Languages
  • Syntax Rules for Variables
  • Changing the Values of Variables
  • Integers
  • Mission #1: Teleport the Player
  • Floats
  • Mission #2: Go Exactly Where You Want

Slowing Down Teleportation Using the time Module

  • Mission #3: Teleportation Tour


  • Mission #4: Fix the Buggy Teleportation

Building Quickly and Traveling Far with Math 

Expressions and Statements


  • Addition
  • Mission #5: Stack Blocks
  • Mission #6: Super Jump
  • Subtraction.
  • Mission #7: Change the Blocks Under You
  • Using Math Operators in Arguments
  • Mission #8: Speed Building
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Mission #9: Spectacular Spires


Parentheses and Order of Operations

Handy Math Tricks

  • Shorthand Operators
  • Playing with Random Numbers
  • Mission #10: Super Jump Somewhere New!

What You Learned

Chatting with Strings 

What Are Strings?

The print() Function

  • Mission #11: Hello, Minecraft World

The input() Function

  • Mission #12: Write Your Own Chat Message

Joining Strings

  • Converting Numbers to Strings
  • Concatenating Integers and Floats
  • Mission #13: Add Usernames to Chat

Converting Strings to Integers with int()

  • Mission #14: Create a Block with input

Bounce Back from Errors

  • Mission #15: Only Numbers Allowed
  • Mission #16: Sprint Record

What You Learned

Figuring Out What’s True and False with Booleans

Boolean Basics

  • Mission #17: Stop Smashing Blocks!

Concatenating Booleans


  • Equal To
  • Mission #18: Am I Swimming?
  • Not Equal To
  • Mission #19: Am I Standing in Something Other Than Air?
  • Greater Than and Less Than
  • Greater Than or Equal To and Less Than or Equal To
  • Mission #20: Am I Above the Ground?
  • Mission #21: Am I Close to Home?

Logical Operators

  • and.
  • Mission #22: Am I Entirely Underwater?
  • or
  • Mission #23: Am I in a Tree?
  • not
  • Mission #24: Is This Block Not a Melon?
  • Logical Operator Order
  • Is My Number Between Two Others?
  • Mission #25: Am I in the House?

What You Learned

Making Mini-Games with if Statements 

Using if Statements

  • Mission #26: Blast a Crater
  • else Statements
  • Mission #27: Prevent Smashing, or Not
  • elif Statements
  • Mission #28: Offer a Gift
  • Chaining Together elif Statements
  • Mission #29: Teleport to the Right Place
  • Nested if Statements
  • Mission #30: Open a Secret Passage

Using if Statements to Test a Range of Values

  • Mission #31: Restrict Teleport Locations

Boolean Operators and if Statements

  • Mission #32: Take a Shower

What You Learned

Dance Parties and Flower Parades with while Loops

A Simple while Loop

  • Mission #33: A Random Teleportation Tour

Controlling Loops with a Count Variable

  • Mission #34: The Watery Curse.
  • Infinite while Loops
  • Mission #35: Flower Trail

Fancy Conditions

  • Mission #36: Diving Contest
  • Boolean Operators and while Loops
  • Checking a Range of Values in while Loops
  • Mission #37: Make a Dance Floor
  • Nested if Statements and while Loops
  • Mission #38: The Midas Touch

Ending a while Loop with break.

  • Mission #39: Create a Persistent Chat with a Loop
  • while-else Statements
  • Mission #40: Hot and Cold

Defining Your Own Functions

Functions Give You Superpowers 

  • Calling a Function
  • Functions Take Arguments
  • Mission #41: Build a Forest
  • Refactoring a Program
  • Mission #42: Refactor Away
  • Commenting with Docstrings
  • Line Breaks in Arguments
  • Function Return Values
  • Mission #43: Block ID Reminder

Using if Statements and while Loops in Functions
if Statements

  • Mission #44: Wool Color Helper
  • while Loops
  • Mission #45: Blocks, Everywhere

Global and Local Variables

  • Mission #46: A Moving Block

What You Learned

Hitting Things with Lists and Dictionaries 

Using Lists

  • Accessing a List Item
  • Changing a List Item
  • Mission #47: High and Low

Manipulating Lists

  • Adding an Item
  • Inserting an Item
  • Deleting an Item
  • Mission #48: Progress Bar

Treating Strings like Lists

  • Setting Variables with Tuples
  • Mission #49: Sliding
  • Returning a Tuple

Other Useful Features of Lists

  • List Length
  • Mission #50: Block Hits
  • Randomly Choosing an Item
  • Mission #51: Random Block
  • Copying a List
  • Items and if Statements
  • Mission #52: Night Vision Sword


  • Defining a Dictionary
  • Accessing Items in Dictionaries
  • Mission #53: Sightseeing Guide
  • Changing or Adding an Item in a Dictionary .
  • Deleting Items in Dictionaries
  • Mission #54: Block Hits Score

What You Learned

Minecraft Magic with for Loops 

A Simple for Loop

  • Mission #55: Magic Wand
  • The range() Function
  • Mission #56: Magic Stairs
  • Playing Around with range()

Other List Functions

  • Mission #57: Pillars
  • Mission #58: Pyramid

Looping Over a Dictionary

  • Mission #59: Scoreboard

for-else Loops.

  • Breaking a for-else Loop
  • Mission #60: The Diamond Prospector

Nested for Loops and Multidimensional Lists

  • Thinking in Two Dimensions
  • Accessing Values in 2D Lists.
  • Mission #61: Pixel Art
  • Generating 2D Lists with Loops
  • Mission #62: A Weather-Worn Wall
  • Thinking in Three Dimensions
  • Outputting 3D Lists
  • Accessing Values in 3D Lists
  • Mission #63: Duplicate a Building

11 Saving and Loading Buildings with Files and Modules 

Using Files

  • Opening a File
  • Writing to and Saving a File
  • Reading a File
  • Reading a Line of a File
  • Mission #64: To-Do List
  • Part 1: Writing the To-Do List
  • Part 2: Displaying the To-Do List

Using Modules

  • The pickle Module
  • Importing pickle
  • Importing One Function with the from Clause
  • Importing All Functions with *
  • Giving a Module a Nickname
  • Mission #65: Save a Building
  • Part 1: Saving the Building
  • Part 2: Loading the Building

Storing Lots of Data with the shelve Module

  • Opening a File with shelve
  • Adding, Modifying, and Accessing Items with shelve
  • Mission #66: Save a Collection of Structures
  • Part 1: Saving a Structure to a Collection
  • Part 2: Loading a Structure from a Collection

Installing New Modules with pip

  • Using pip on Windows
  • Using pip on a Mac or Raspberry Pi

Using a Module from pip: Flask

  • Mission #67: Position Website

What You Learned

Getting Classy with Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Basics
Creating a Class

  • Creating an Object
  • Accessing Attributes
  • Mission #68: Location Objects

Understanding Methods

  • Mission #69: Ghost House

Returning Values with Methods

  • Mission #70: Ghost Castle

Creating Multiple Objects

  • Mission #71: Ghost Town

Class Attributes
Understanding Inheritance

  • Inheriting a Class
  • Adding New Methods to Subclasses
  • Mission #72: Ghost Hotel

Overriding Methods and Attributes

  • Mission #73: Ghost Tree

What You Learned


  • 40 weeks (four school terms of 10 weeks each)
  • One 1.5 hour session per week


One School Term (10 weekly lessons) R2500

One week (5 days) full-time (R8995)


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