NQF 5 : Python Web Development Skills Program


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  • 6 months


  • Credits in the NQF 5 Framework as shown below in the Unit Standard table
  • Code College Certification Too for the Python Web Coding Bootcamp


  • On request


Python Web Bootcamp is covered in the first 3 months

Then the following Unit standards and Assessments are done in the following 3 months

Unit Standard NQF 5 Unit Standards Covered Credits
115369 NQF 5: 115369 Design and build a website using simple HTML 5
115368 Apply advanced HTML and associated techniques to build a web site for business applications 12
114048 Create database access for a computer application using structured query language 9
115363 Apply fundamental principles of Object Oriented Programming to solve a given problem 10


How to Apply

Please apply via the contact us page, indicating whether you apply for funding or already have funding.







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