mBot Robotics

R5,995.00 R4,995.00

Product Description

Intended Audience
Kids who have completed the Codey Rockey Coding Course

After this course you should be able to:

  • Controlling mBot with mBlock app
  • Programming mBot with mBlock and mBlocky / Scratch programming language
  • Controlling mBot with built-in programs
  • Using mBot extra sensors

Course Material
mBot Robot (valued at R2500) is excluded, you may use ours in the class if you do not want to purchase your own.
You need to have a Android Tablet or iPad with Bluetooth

Further Training / Support

  • Advanced mBot with Mblocky (Scratch) Programming Course
  • Use Add-Ons with mBot
  • Scratch for Graphic games

Course Contents


  • Introduction
  • Building mBot
  • Controlling mBot with the remote control
  • Controlling mBot with the MakeBlock app
  • mBot Light Sensor
  • Object Avoidance
  • Line Following
  • mBlock App
  • UltraSonic Sensor
  • Line Follower
  • Play Music
  • Move in a Circle
  • Move in a Square
  • Six Legs Add-On-Pack
  • The LED’s

mBlock games

  • The sequencing game
  • The speed game
  • The repeat game
  • The stop game
  • The wait game
  • The judgment game
  • The conditions game
  • The comparing game
  • The light game
  • The value game
  • Creating a program on your own

Programming using the mBlockly (Scratch) app

  • The begin section. Program: make mBot move
  • The move section. Program: move and turn
  • The display section. Program: sing and shine
  • The event section. Program: move the tablet
  • The detect section. Program: watch out!
  • The math section. Program: help, thief!
  • The control section. Program: caution, wall!

mBot extra construction sets, extra sensors and some game ideas

  • Game ideas and extra construction sets
  • Extra sensors and mBlock program for computers


20 Weeks Part-Time

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