Spring MVC


This Spring MVC Training Course will teach you all the exciting features of this successful Framework by building a complete online shopping web application

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This Spring MVC Training Course will teach you all the exciting features of this successful Framework by building a complete online shopping web application


You should be at the level of our Advanced Java and also SQL courses . This course teaches you the latest tools to use in developing robust enterprise-wide Java Web Applications

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Spring Microservices



DAY 1:Configuring a Spring Development Environment

  • Setting up Java
  • Installing JDK
  • Setting up environment variables
  • Installing Maven
  • Installing Tomcat
  • Installing Eclipse STS
  • Creating our first Spring MVC project
  • Adding Spring jars to the project
  • MVC
  • adding a welcome page
  • The Dispatcher servlet
  • Deploying and running the project

Spring MVC Architecture – Architecting Your Web Store

  • Servlet mapping versus request mapping
  • Web application context
  • View resolvers
  • Overview of the Spring MVC request flow
  • The web application architecture
  • The Domain layer
  • The Persistence layer
  • The Service layer

DAY 2:Control Your Store with Controllers

  • The role of a Controller in Spring MVC
  • Class-level request mapping
  • Default request mapping method
  • Handler mapping
  • Using URI template patterns
  • Showing products based on category
  • Request path variable
  • Using matrix variables
  • Showing products based on filters
  • Request parameters
  • Adding a product detail page
  • Implementing a master detail View
  • Adding multiple filters to list products

Working with Spring Tag Libraries

  • JSP Standard Tag Library
  • Serving and processing forms
  • Customizing data binding
  • Whitelisting form fields for binding
  • Externalizing text messages

DAY 3:Working with View Resolver

  • Resolving Views
  • RedirectView
  • Flash attribute
  • Serving static resources
  • Adding images to the product detail page
  • Multipart requests in action
  • Uploading product user manuals to the server
  • ContentNegotiatingViewResolver
  • HandlerExceptionResolver
  • Adding a ResponseStatus exception
  • Adding an exception handler

Internalize Your Store with Interceptor

  • Working with interceptors
  • LocaleChangeInterceptor – internationalization
  • Mapped interceptors
  • Mapped intercepting offer page requests

Incorporating Spring Security

  • Spring Security
  • Authenticating users based on roles



DAY 4:Validate Your Products with a Validator

  • Bean Validation
  • Custom validation with JSR-303/Bean Validation
  • Adding custom validation to a category
  • Spring validation
  • Adding Spring validation
  • Combining Spring validation and Bean Validation
  • Adding Spring validation to a product image

Give REST to Your Application with Ajax

  • Introduction to REST
  • Implementing RESTful web services
  • Consuming REST web services
  • Handling web services in Ajax

Float Your Application with Web Flow

  • Spring Web Flow
  • Implementing the order processing service
  • Implementing the checkout flow
  • Understanding flow definitions
  • Understanding checkout flow
  • Creating Views for every view state
  • Adding a decision state

DAY 5:Template with Tiles

  • Enhancing reusability through Apache Tiles
  • Creating Views for every View state

Testing Your Application

  • Unit testing
  • Unit testing domain objects
  • Integration testing with the Spring Test context framework
  • Testing product validator
  • Testing product Controllers
  • Testing REST Controllers
  • Adding tests for the remaining REST methods

Using the Gradle Build Tool

  • Installing Gradle
  • The Gradle build script for your project
  • Understanding the Gradle script

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