VB.NET Advanced


This VB.NET Advanced Training Course will turn you into a professional vb.net developer. We use .NET framework 4.6 and .NET Core 5. A comprehensive coverage of VB.NET, aligned with Microsoft Certification in VB.NET.

Product Description

Intended Audience

This course is for anyone who has passed the level of our VB.NET Beginner course .


You should be on the level of Beginner VB.NET

Further Training

Recommended – ASP.NET with VB.NET as the back-end language

Course Material

Included in the course price.

Course Info

Day 1

OO Overview

  • Class Fundamentals
  • Managing an object’s lifetime
  • Organizing types within namespaces
  • Modules
  • Structures and Enumeraions
  • Modules
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Generics and Nullable types
  • Delegates and Events
  • Working with Collections and Iterations
  • Working with Objects: Visual Tools and Code Sharing

Day 2

Advanced Language Features

  • Manipulating Files and Streams
  • The my Namespace
  • Advanced Language features

Data Access with ADO.NET and Linq

  • ADO and Datasets
  • LINQ
  • LINQ to Objects
  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to Datasets
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • XML Documents with LINQ and XML
  • Creating WPF Applications
  • WPF Common Controls
  • Brushes, Styles Templates in WPF
  • ManipulatingMedia and Documents
  • Introducing Data Binding
  • Localizing Applications

Day 3

Building Web and Mobile Applications

  • Azure
  • Windows 10 Apps

Networking and exposing data through networks

  • WCF Services
  • Odata Services

Day 4

Advanced .NET Framework with VB 2015

  • Serialisation
  • Process and Multithreading
  • Parallel programming and Parallel LINQ
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Working with Assemblies
  • Reflections
  • Coding Attributes
  • Platform Invokes and Interoperability with the COM Architecture
  • Documenting Source Code with XML Comments

Day 5


  • GAC – Global Assembly Cache
  • Installshield for Visual Studio
  • ClickOnce
  • Code Analysis . NET Compiler Platform and Tools

Duration and pricing

  • Full-time over 5 days (R14995)
  • Part-time over 4 weeks (2 nights per week, 3 hour sessions) (R15995)
  • Part-time over 8 Saturdays, 3 hour sessions (R15995)
  • Please note : For part-time courses we do not have a fixed schedule and you will be placed on a waiting list until we get a group of 4+ together. Please book with no dates on the bookings form. This will automatically put you on the waiting list. We will confirm with you as soon as we have a part-time group together.
  • Distance-learning over up to 3 months (R14995)
  • International exams are not included in the course price.
  • Prices exclude Vat for Vat-registered companies


  • Upon completion of this course we will issue you with attendance certificate to certify your attendance and / or completion of the prescribed minimum examples.
  • You may sit for our competency assessment test and on passing you will obtain our competency certificate.
  • Our competency assessment can be booked and taken by someone who has not attended the course at a cost of R2950 including the course material and the .


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