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Excited about mobile apps? Our Web & Mobile App Bootcamp training course will set you on a fulfilling career path as a well-paid, next-gen digital programmer

Whether you create a web app or a mobile app, the same technologies are at work under the hood. Master them and you’ll find yourself in a growing digital job market where your skills will be in high demand for as long as the Internet exists.

Why do it?

Apps are everywhere. Whatever you need to do, there’s an app that does it. For consumers, mobile apps have become the normal way to organise their lives and get things done instantly.

In business, there are usually more web apps than mobile apps. That’s because companies still give most of their employees inexpensive desktop PCs to work on instead of costly tablets. But they also have a growing mobile workforce that needs apps to get their jobs done while on the road.

Someone has to develop those web and mobile apps and make sure they work well before they’re released to the public. That’s where you come in.

But if you want to learn how to program for the Internet, you have to learn both. Your future employer will expect you to understand them equally well.

The good news is that today, web apps and mobile apps can be developed using almost identical technologies. At Code College, you’ll learn them all.

What are the technologies?

In the beginning, Android apps were developed in a technical programming language called Java, while Apple iOS apps were developed in Objective C. You had to be an experienced developer to build a good app.

These days, a wealth of new techniques and tools make creating apps much easier. If you know them, you can program awesome business and consumer web applications too.

They include:

  • WordPress
  • HTML5 / CSS3, used for creating Web pages or app screens, CSS3, used for styling Web pages or app screens
  • JavaScript, a programming language for making Web pages or apps do useful things.
  • Angular
  • SQL, a programming language for putting information into databases or getting information from them.
  • Flutter / Dart for Mobile Apps

What you can look forward to

All kinds of organisations need well-trained junior web and app developers. These include:

  • Large corporates who want to give their employers and customers web-based access to their systems, either at the office, from home, or on the go
  • Digital agencies who build apps and websites for their clients
  • Software houses that develop their own web and mobile products
  • And many others

If you’re into app development, this is just what you’re looking for – a career that pays you for doing what you love. You’ll earn well and the work is never boring – especially if you enjoy problem-solving. Unlike many software developers whose programs run unseen in the background, you’ll be building exciting user interfaces and powerful features that people will see and interact with all day. What could be more rewarding?

Start right with our Web / Mobile Bootcamp

There’s a lot to learn. Web apps – and therefore mobile apps – are made of many parts that work in different ways. Each has its place and you must understand how they fit together in the finished program.

Rest assured, by the time you’ve completed Code College’s Web & Mobile App Bootcamp, you’ll be ready for anything. The course is designed to walk you through each component and master it through practical training. You’ll get:

  • Expert tuition from a qualified lecturer (BSc Computer Science with Honours) backed by 30 years industry experience
  • Study materials with all the information you need and loads of helpful hints
  • Practical projects that allow you to cut your teeth on typical development scenarios
  • Hints and tips for successful job interviews
  • Automatic absorption into our Intern programme at our holding company, Compuways

Admission Requirements

  • Matric with pure maths or
  • Strong aptitude test result or
  • Previous work experience or
  • Other training that may be considered relevant (see our Programming Short Courses) or Intro to Programming

Please note: While a good math pass is recommended, the combined requirements determine acceptance to the course. We encourage candidates to prove themselves by completing an aptitude test (R350) or do the Intro to Programming Course and attend a personal interview with us.

Study Loans Available

Having trouble financing your studies? Qualifying candidates can apply for a student loan, and repay their fees once employed. Please read our application procedure for more details.

Apply for bursary / sponsorship

Course Contents

  • WordPress
  • HTML5 / CSS3, used for creating Web pages or app screens, CSS3, used for styling Web pages or app screens
  • JavaScript, a programming language for making Web pages or apps do useful things.
  • Angular
  • SQL, a programming language for putting information into databases or getting information from them.
  • Flutter / Dart for Mobile Apps

* Note that, if you can pass the Intro to Programming test, you don’t need to take the Intro to Programming module

Course Duration

The Web & Mobile App Bootcamp is run over 5 months, with 1 module being completed per month.

  • Each module is 5 days of classroom lectures; related projects to be completed the following week on campus (or at home with support offered on Google Hangout or Skype)
  • Weekly project progress sessions are held to support Bootcamp students

Job Internship

The most common reason for not employing juniors is lack of on-the-job skills. We don’t leave our students alone until they’re employed. Any unemployed Bootcamp students are automatically absorbed in our Internship programme. Here they are assigned practical projects from our consulting partner company, Compuways. This is an employment internship and counts on your CV as employment.

During the internship you will be monitored and supported to further build your on-the-job skills, like:

  • Participating in real client web and app development projects


  1. Normal price is : R74 950
  2. Pre-paid price is : R64 950    <– most popular!!
  3. Two Payments of R35 000, 3 months apart
  4. Prices exclude Vat

Self-study / Distance Learning

The Web & Mobile App Bootcamp is also available in a distance learning format on request.

Certification exams covered

(All our certificates can be added to your LinkedIn profile to enhance your marketability.)

How do I book?

Just click the button below and you’ll be taken to the booking page.

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Don’t wait! Get your web and app development career started today.


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Course Dates

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