Proposal to Employers – Partner with Us For CSR Projects

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Showcase your company / projects to our students

You are invited to come and visit us and do a presentation about your company and projects. Our students are curious to learn about what companies are doing out there. In this way you can also meet prospective developers. Contact us for an appointment here.

Employers – find the next coding superstar here!

If you employ the right juniors they can add value to your organisation from an early stage and stay with you for a long time.

Juniors are eager to learn and work with passion to position their careers.

We get the most talented individuals knocking on our door. Some do not have the financial backing to study. We have plenty of success stories and created lots of software superstars. If you want to get involved early and have the first choice to employ superstars, please consider our student sponsorship program.

Here is how to get a recommended junior early:

Student writes an aptitude test with us, some students may also have a way of paying for the Intro To Programming module themselves. We will be able to make a recommendation at this early stage, before or after the Intro To Programming Module.

The employer may consider taking him at this stage and sponsor his further training – a software bootcamp of the employer’s choice. The employer may also employ him at this stage and absorb him in a team. If the employer is far away from our office, the student may work for the employer from our office – we will then be able to assist where possible to get the student up to speed faster.

Be the first to get the best.   Contact us now!

Read this article about employing juniors . . It might be your best move!

Want to build a software app for your business? – Register your project with us as a bootcamp project.

Become of of our sponsors and we will develop your app as a project on our bootcamp. One of the students who worked on your project will also be made available after the bootcamp if you are looking to employ somebody, otherwise our consulting team can maintain it for you.