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How I became a Java Developer through Code College:

I worked for 9 years as an Administrator and always knew I wanted to do more, so I decided to follow my high school dream of becoming a Computer Programmer, I then started looking around for programming schools where I came across Code College. I then decided to do the Java Bootcamp at Code College because the price was fair and offered me exactly what I was looking for. I negotiated with my employer to take my accumulated leave on a one-week-per-month basis, matching the Java Bootcamp training schedule.

My learning experience at Code College was very practical – almost like being on the job, which is a great way to learn programming and understanding all the technologies you will need. I was surrounded by positive like-minded people at Code College, all trying to head in the same direction. I had to make time on Sundays and weekday evenings for the assignments. I have really learned a lot in the 6 months now that I look back. Our facilitator, Arnold, guided us every step of the way – even after the Java Bootcamp.

Immediately after the Bootcamp in December 2017, I updated my CV and started applying for jobs online. The recruiters where impressed with my knowledge and understanding of the industry and in January 2018 I was made an offer by a company in the financial service industry as a Junior Java developer. To my surprise, my salary was matched – I was actually offered R500 p.m more 😉

Thank you to Arnold and Code College, this really was a life changing course!

Kind Regards,


April 2018

Training 130 people through 3 levels of SQL – SARS Academy

Good day All;

This is to confirm that the SARS Academy has utilised the services of Get Certified in collaboration with Compuways to provide training on SQL at different levels. We have had very good feedback from our learners on the course presentation as well as content. I have personally spoken to some managers to determine their level of satisfaction, and they impressed upon me that even though it is early days, they can already see a marked improvement in the performance of the learners who attended the training.

As a trainer myself – I am satisfied with the level of professionalism that GetCertified has given us, will consider utilising them should the next opportunity arise, and therefore can readily recommend them to anyone else that contemplates utilising their services.


Nkidi D. Mohoboko

Senior Manager: Learning and Development

SARS Academy

South African Revenue Service

Contact details: available on request

Office Address: Block A, First Floor, Hatfield Gardens,

Cnr Arcadia & Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria

Postal Address: Private Bag X923, Pretoria, 0001

From Beginner to Java Developer

” I studied a non-IT National diploma, but I was always interested in IT and while I struggled to find a job, I always got involved in some IT odd jobs. I decide to approach Get Certified for a quotation to be trained as maybe a DBA or something. Arnold asked me a few questions and determined that I had Mathematics in Matric and did quite OK in it. He recommended I should also consider doing a Beginner Java Course and if I like it to proceed to a Java Programmer (SCJP) and then Java Developer (SCJD).

I went home and did some research about programming and realised this is what I want to do. I then enrolled. The Java beginner course was very interesting, although a bit daunting in the beginning and I at one stage wondered if it was the right thing, but I was determined and suddenly the penny dropped and I started to love it. I ended up doing well (71%) and proceeded to the Java Programmer (SCJP) course.

This is a bit more theoretical, but tested my knowledge in detail and from all angles. I also did well (73%) and immediately continued with the Java Developer (SCJD) course.

This was a real practical project and now I could actually put to use all my knowledge in terms of a practical project. I developed a system which a DVD shop owner can use to book stock in and update when renting out DVD’s. I did even better in this and was now very anxious to find a real job. I was sent on 3 interviews by Compuways a bit later, and on the 3rd interview I got a job offer which I accepted immediately.

This was a true life-changing experience and I am now in a career as a true Java developer! Exciting! Thanks to Getcertified and Compuways – they are really recommendable! (I am planning to continue with the SCWCD course and later the SCBCD course with Getcertified. Their prices are reasonable and there is a discount for groups which I intend making use of as I got 2 of my colleagues interested as well.”

John – 15 May 2009


ASP.NET 3.5 Website Workshop, covering MCTS 70-562

” I am a mainframe programmer who programmed most of my life in COBOL and Natural and other 4th generation languages (older generation stuff). I did teach myself the basics of .NET and developed small websites, self-tought. I found myself it was getting more difficult to get employment as I am a contractor and therefore i started to teach myself to build websites so I can do this for small businesses and earn an extra income. It is very difficult to study comprehensively part-time if you are working during the day, so I decided to do The ASP.NET course full-time and focus and get everything done in the correct way.

I enrolled for the course and within the first lesson I was already on the way of developing a website with a database. I found so many small things that i have missed when studying alone and also did not think about all the security and perfromance issues. It was a wonderful course and worth every penny as I walked out of there with a fully-fledged website (in a framework format) done to the correct standards. This was a feeling of real empowerment – a new world has opened up and I am not dependent anymore on my basic skills!. I scored 76% for this course)”



Hi Arnold

Again just to say that the course was pertinent to our corporate needs. The background given around the practical component was enough for current programmers to keep in mind. While it wasn’t difficult to get our heads around it, the course does give enough to get my developers going in the right direction. In our environment things aren’t all about a certification in hand, but rather about getting the job done. Since the course I can already notice an improvement in their work as well as there enthusiasm.




Craig was an Informix programmer who returned from the UK and wanted to get a job in SA and in Microsoft Technologies. In November 2009 he did our C#.NET and ASP.NET MVC Workshop courses. He then studied by himself for the MCTS .NET Framework Microsof Exam which he passed in December 2009. :

20 January 2010 :

Hello Arnold…

I got a job as a Junior C#, ASP.NET programmer in Joburg- Yippeee!!

It’s in the Insurance industry on a database package using C# and ASP.NET 3.5 running on a SQL Server 2005. Cutting edge dude – Cutting edge!!

Africa is smiling on me – the starting salary is 18000 p/m and goes up to 20000 p/m after 3 months!! I couldn’t have asked for more than this – working on a financial package – I don’t doubt I will be back on my feet again in the next couple of years.

Many thanks for the training – it really has paid off!! I will be completing the courses you provided me with as soon as I have got a proper connection, it looks good on my Microsoft Transcript. I will also be completing the ASP.NET certification soon, I am determined.


Craig(Microsoft Professional) 🙂



Dear Arnold,

Thank you very much for sending the google link again.i can now access the shared file…Thank you again for the wonderful program you and the team are offering…I will definately inform others who needs do this courses…..many thanks…..

I am now going through the whole program again to prepare for the sun exams…..I will definately come back to do the Developer one after the exam.

Keep well..

Kindest Regards,



I would like to sincerely thank Compuways particularly Arnold for the extreme, wonderful training I got in SCJP in a short amount of time. The high quality of the training is what triggers me to say thank you once again Code College.  Nevertheless this training alone made me a java professional, I also felt ready to write real Sun Certified Examination where I obtained 78% pass mark.

There is one thing that makes me regret, I wasted a lot of time searching for my profession and not knowing about Code College. Had I known about you a couple of years ago, I would be a real guru in my field by now. I was also unemployed and Compuways found me a job.

Please keep it up Arnold.

Oct 2009.

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