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Veteran Programmer recommends Getcertified’s Java Bootcamp

Code College helps young South Africans enter the job market

Why I studied the Java Bootcamp and would like to recommend it

GetCertified Java graduate receives multiple job interviews on Java bootcamp completion

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Code College promises school leavers fast start to coding career

January 2016 – Intro To Programming AB

I have really learned a lot from him. He is very helpful and explain the work very well. I am very satisfied with the way he teached us. He is excellent.

July 2015 – Java Servlets – TR

Thank you Arnold the program was fantastic,You were so patient and easy to understand.God bless you and all those that you continue to pass your programming knowledge to them. Wishing you all the best and i will come back to do the web component developer course as soon as i finish with the book.
thanks again

July 2013 – Beginner Java DW

Arnold was very informative and prepared. Will definitely attend his training again.

March 2012 – Adv Java Training – BCX

Feedback was positive – students enjoyed the course. We will be booking another course soon. WH – BCX

Feb 2012 SCJP Workshop

Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for all your help and advice. After scoring 71% in your test, I studied again before I took the international exam.
I got 91% in the official SCJP exam :-D. It would not have been possible for me without GetCertified to get those marks, as I just started reading the SCJP manual 4 months ago.

Many thanks,
Oct 2011 Java Beginner and Advanced

Hi E,

The person heading the training course is called Arnold Graaff. I asked him for a reference to assess his reputability, upon which he gave me your name, mentioning that you recently sent four Java developers to him for training.
Were you satisfied with his results? Would you recommend him as a suitable trainer?

T (Standard Bank)

Hi T

Yes he was very good.

I got very positive feedback from the people that attended the course.
He was always willing to assist at any time should the candidates have any queries.

E (Standard Bank)

Nov 2011 : Java Beginner and Advanced

Dept of Agriculture (In-house in Pretoria) – 4 Students did the Beginner and Advanced course accelarated .

Comment from Thulani – “The course was great – we learned a lot!”

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