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SAP is one of the most advanced computerised business systems in the world. Many IT professionals have built life-long careers around this complex application and are considered to be top experts in the industry. So it was a welcome validation that one school leaver’s father, himself a SAP programmer, advised his son to attend GetCertified’s Java development course.

Java is a programming language favoured by corporations due to its robust security, technical detail, and ability to easily process large amounts of data. It is also used extensively to write Android apps and, of course, SAP programs.

The student hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps and approached him for advice on how to get started. While researching available study avenues, the elder came across GetCertified’s web site and reviewed the details of our Basic and Advanced Java courses. Impressed by the course content, he encouraged his son to enrol.

Although the student’s matric math marks were average, his aptitude test and face-to-face interviews revealed a strong capability to master Java, and he was accepted on this basis.

The student himself had no previous programming experience, having only recently matriculated. He found the initial course difficult as he grappled with the basics of programming as well as the Java language. However, he commends his lecturer, Arnold Graaff, for helping him gain the insight needed to succeed. “Arnold was always ready to provide me with additional mentoring,” he says. Under that tutelage, by the time the student tackled his practical project in the advanced course, he had a solid understanding of Java and general programming principles.

Graaff’s own qualifications – a BSc in Computer Science with Honours and 30 years in the IT industry – make him the perfect instructor.

After training, all participants register to sit for the internationally recognised Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam. The student achieved an outstanding 96% pass at his first sitting. Total time studying was 6 months.

After exams, he was afforded the opportunity to work on a 6 month contract with BMW South Africa as a junior Java developer. Should his work meet their standard, the company will consider offering him a permanent position.

GetCertified partners with Compuways – a top IT recruitment company placing tech personnel since 1990 – to find positions for students who successfully complete the course. “Junior Java developers are in demand and we have standing orders for their skills, enabling us to place them very quickly” says Graaff.

Bursaries or study loans are available on request to applicants who passed pure maths in matric, or who perform favourably in GetCertified’s aptitude test and face-to-face interviews.

For course details, visit www.getcertified.co.za.


About GetCertified IT Training

Johannesburg-based GetCertified IT Training was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Compuways IT Consulting. The company provides targeted, quality IT training to two markets: IT professionals who want to cross-train themselves to improve their career prospects, and individuals wanting to enter the IT job market for the first time. All courses are aligned to recognised international certification syllabi and are designed to achieve a level of practical proficiency required by prospective employers.

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For kids of at least 10 years old, we teach computer programming the right way. The course is expertly designed and internationally acclaimed content is used. Groom your child into the exciting world of computer programming. We are using examples that kids understand easily and find relevant and exciting at their level. Concepts that they learn here will become part of their overall intellectual assets and will also complement their Mathematical ability at school. At the end of the course, the student should have the competencies to enable them to proceed into even more relevant topics like games, robotics and IT.

We start this course every first Saturday of every even – numbered month.

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School leavers wondering about their prospects for employment in the Java programming world need only ask a recent graduate of GetCertified.

The Johannesburg-based IT training company offers a Java Job Prep Boot Camp in preparation for full-time work in the software development industry. When ready, candidates sit the internationally recognised Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam.  Once a student has graduated, Compuways, a top IT recruitment firm and GetCertified’s sister company, places them with a suitable employer.

At the time of writing, one student had multiple interviews lined up with prospective employers, had attended two and was called to a follow-up interview all in the space of one week.

According to Arnold Graaff, CEO of GetCertified, this is not unusual for a student who has done well in their Java certification and practical examinations.

“Companies are on the lookout for entry-level Java programmers with internationally recognised certification and proven practical skills,” says Graaff. “Compuways has a continuous backlog with clients seeking this class of programmer, so we’ve never been unable to place graduates who have applied themselves during training.”

While looking for a suitable training institute, the student mentioned above met with Arnold who explained the details of the Java Boot Camp. Within three months of starting the course, he learned how to develop a complete database-driven Java web application and achieved Oracle Java certification.

But why choose to study the Java programming language? “Everyone’s heard of Android,” replies the student, “and I knew that most of the software written for that system is coded in Java. Its popularity made it the best choice.”

When asked if he plans to develop Android applications, the student responds: “With Java there’s such a wide range of software that can be developed. I don’t want to limit myself to just one category when so many possibilities exist.”

How did he achieve certification so quickly? “I tried self-study for 9 months while I worked,” explains the student, “but the amount of information covered made it impossible. At the Java Boot Camp, I studied full time. That’s 9 hours of constant training per day under Arnold’s expert guidance. The complete dedication and high level of instruction made it possible.”

After completing his web application project with distinction, Compuways immediately arranged job interviews with four top IT companies. “I was spoilt for choice with a job offer from each of them,” says the student. “All this happened within 5 months of enrolling for the Java Boot Camp.”

“For anyone considering a career in Java development, I recommend starting with GetCertified.”

Bursaries or study loans are available on request to applicants who provide proof of good mathematics scores (60% or higher), and who perform favourably on GetCertified’s aptitude test and face-to-face interviews.

GetCertified also offers Boot Camps for database administration, PHP development and Microsoft .NET development.