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8 May – Intro to Programming

This Intro to Programming Course will teach you the fundamentals of coding. These topics that are common to all coding languages today: Variables, program flow, data structures, modularisation, functions and how to build basic solutions using these fundamentals. Although we are using JavaScript in this course, the emphasis is not on language, rather on generic coding … Continue reading 8 May – Intro to Programming

Java Bootcamp – July – December 2014

Entry Requirements: Matric with Pure Maths (60%) or Good aptitude test results Previous work experience or -training Course Contents: The following modules are covered in the Java Bootcamp (remember, you should be at the Intro to Programming level) Beginning SQL Beginner Java Advanced Java OCA/OCP Certification Workshop  —->  July Java Job Prep Student passes OCA Exam on first try ! …. … Continue reading Java Bootcamp – July – December 2014

Introduction to Programming course (3 – 7 February 2014)

This course is for complete beginners, we cover the basics of Computer Programming Languages not focusing on OO, but on the fundamentals of programming like variables, arrays, data structures. Program flow and decision making with if, else etc. Also re-usability by using functions and methods. For more info please click here