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With the exploding popularity of Android mobile devices, the demand for competent Java developers is greater than ever. The Java programming language is used to create the majority of Android apps as well as the complex business systems they connect to for information.

While the skills shortage in all areas of IT continues, employers are wary of trusting inexperienced programmers with multi-million-Rand software systems handling everything from banking to games to national defence.

However, junior programmers with international certification and proven practical abilities are in demand. This is according to Arnold Graaff, CEO of GetCertified, a Johannesburg-based IT training company offering an extensive range of computer-related courses.

GetCertified’s Java Boot Camp gives school leavers the chance to kick off a rewarding career developing mobile, desktop, web, server or embedded applications. Applicants not only gain the knowledge to program well in Java, but also the evidence that they have the practical skills to tackle entry-level projects and the aptitude to progress to large-scale software systems. By the end of the Boot Camp, students will have created a fully functioning Java application of the standard required by most employers.

After training, students will be registered to sit for the internationally recognised Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam.

GetCertified partners with Compuways – a top IT recruitment company that has been placing tech personnel since 1990 – to find positions for students who successfully complete the course. “With their certification and demonstrable practical skills, and based on the standing orders held by Compuways for this class of developer,” says Graaff, “we can guarantee that we’ll quickly find employment for our graduating Boot Camp students.”

Graaff’s own qualifications – a BSc in Computer Science with Honours and 30 years in the IT industry – make him the perfect instructor. But how long does it take to turn out the ideal entry-level Java developer? Graaff gives an example: “Through our Java Boot Camp, an unemployed student with no prior programming experience achieved certification in 5 months and was placed almost immediately.”

Once training is complete, learners can further their qualifications with GetCertified’s advanced Java courses, such as the dedicated Android Development module.

Bursaries or study loans are available on request to applicants who provide proof of good mathematics scores (60% or higher), and who perform favourably on GetCertified’s aptitude test and face-to-face interviews.

GetCertified also offers Boot Camps for database administration, PHP development and Microsoft .NET development.

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Size of the IT Industry

Just think for yourself – every business in the world relies on IT systems to maintain customer relationships, work faster to make more products, make more sales. So what do businesses do to be more competitive? They customise their IT systems to be better than the competition. This is the main cause of the world-wide skills shortage in IT skills.

IT Skills shortage

In South Africa there were 75 000 jobs that could not be filled in 2012. Since I can remember – and I have been in IT for approximately 30 years – there were consistently a skills shortage.  As far as we are concerned (software development), it is safe to say strong software development skills will always in demand ( Click here ) .

IT industry as a choice for employment

Not a bad industry to be in, the IT Industry has consistently given employees:

  • Good salaries
  • International Employment
  • Self-Employment
  • Entrepreneurial opportunites
  • Stable, long-term employment

Why choose GetCertified as a college to get you into the IT Industry?

  • GetCertified IT Training started in 2000 as an arm of Compuways IT Consulting and Recruitment (founded in 1990).
  • We originated in the IT Industry, we know it very well and are well connected to employers in the IT Industry.
  • From customer feedback from job interviews, our courses were designed to focus on the practical skills required by employers for juniors to get into the ICT industry
  • We guarantee that you may re-attend any scheduled course that you have attended before if you feel you need to brush up on your skills, and you may submit as many course-related practical projects as you like to be verified and certified by us to grow your portfolio when looking for a job.
  • Our courses are aligned to the International Certification Syllabi and we cover the appropriate syllabus in every course so that you are at the end of a course ready to sit for the international exam.
  • Our business is not only training you, but also getting you into the job market.

How to apply? Click here

2013-04-12 getcertarn
In Matric and want to study with us next year?

Application procedure

Here is a summary of what we need from applicants 

Academic marks
Please send us your grade 11 marks and we will again need your mid-year marks after the mid-year exams and the same for the year-end results.
Aptitude test

All applicants must do an aptitude test. If there are a few students, the test can probably be performed at your premises and that will have to be arranged by Nome Consulting. If that is not possible, the test can be done at our premises at a convenient time in the morning and even on Saturday mornings. We attach the Nome Consulting application form at the bottom of this page.

Bursary applications

We will automatically apply for bursaries for students who have the right aptitude and also A or B symbols in Pure Maths.

Non-Bursary applications

Students will be allowed entrance into specific courses by taking into account their academic results as well as the aptitude test results and of course their preferred career wishes.

Summary of courses
  • IT Networking (Good pass in Matric)
  • SQL Database Administration (Good pass in Computer Applications Technology)
  • Web Developer (Good pass in Mathematics Literacy)
  • Application Developer (Good pass in Mathematics / IT)
There are always exceptions to the above, but the exceptions will be based on demonstrating motivation and ability to work hard, consistently.