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Why Learning To Code is Essential

2019-01-30 Arnold

Coding is a skill that everyone should be exposed to – whether to make a primary career from it or to enhance your competencies in a career outside the software industry.

For making it your primary career

We live in an automated world where companies are continuously adapting their business process to remain competitive. They need coders to write new systems and/or enhance their old systems to give them an edge.

For a non-coding career

Coding teaches you

  • analytical skills needed in problem-solving in any career in the world
  • how to automate processes in any industry to make you and your team more effective in turning around tasks
  • how to work more effectively in your day-to-day tasks

If you apply for jobs in your industry, having coding as a skill on your resume can only be a plus point and can assist you to get on the shortlist.

Should I consider doing an Intro To Programming Course? You should seriously consider it or risk being under-skilled and/or under-utilized in any career.



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