What is the Python / Java Bootcamp?

Our Python / Java Bootcamp training course is the best way to start your computer programming career. We focus on practical employment skills to enter the job market. Python / Java are not just a programming languages. They are a part of our digital lifestyle. And a lifelong career for anyone who masters them. This Python / Java Bootcamp training course / internship will put your programming career in the fast lane. It is a Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp covering the practical skills in the front and back-ends, as well as the international certification syllabus.

What is a Full Stack Web Coding Bootcamp? – Read here

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Download the latest brochure here : Code-College-Coding-Bootcamp-Python-Java


What is expected of me when I join the Python / Java Bootcamp?
  • Our Intro to Programming course (There is an entry test, to confirm that you are on the correct level).
  • If you have not got a Matric, but are confident and motivated, you only need to do the Intro to Programming Course and attend a personal interview with us to get entry into the Python / Java Bootcamp.
  • A laptop with at least 8Gb of RAM and Windows Professional or the equivalent on Mac / Linux. The reason being that we use tools such as Docker for deployment and Docker only runs on PC's enabled for virtualisation. Windows Home does not allow virtualisation.
  • A Good internet connection at home, capable to support Google Hangouts / Skype / Zoom.
  • An extra (minimum 19") monitor at home as we use a lot of internet resources as our reference material.

Download our latest brochure here Code-College-Coding-Bootcamp-Python-Java


How do we deliver the training?

Python / Java are  technical language with a vast number of functions. As a junior developer, you don’t need to master them all – that would take years. But you do need to know where to start and the basics required by prospective employers before they’ll hire you. Many learners get needlessly lost in programming languages complexity. We cut through that and give you the golden core to learn effectively.

Code College’s Java Bootcamp is designed to teach you the must-know essentials that will prepare you for your first day on the job. You’ll get:

  • Expert tuition from qualified lecturers under the leadership of Arnold (the lead lecturer) (BSc Computer Science with Honours) backed by 30 years software development industry and training experience
  • Practical projects that allow you to cut your teeth on typical development scenarios
  • Preparation and registration advice for international certification (Oracle Certified Associate Java exam and Oracle Certified Professional Java exam)
  • Simulated exams to test your readiness before sitting for certification
  • Hints and tips for successful job interviews
  • Automatic absorption into Python / Java Internship program at our holding company, Compuways
  • Support available every day (face-to-face), including Saturdays by appointment – we support you after the initial 6 months to complete outstanding projects and to prepare for the Oracle Exam.


What will I be able to do / have after the course?

At the end of the Python / Java Bootcamp you will be able:

  • To build a Web App in Python with Flask, using modern language features and a DB.
  • To use Java FX for building CRUD applications.
  • To use the most in-demand, established and modern programming language, Java and Spring Framework, to build secure web applications that make use of SQL and NoSQL databases as backend.
  • To use MVC as well as REST API to integrate with front-ends.
  • To use a front-end JavaScript-based framework like Angular to interrogate any REST API as it's back-end and to deploy it.
  • To design a database schema for use in your apps using UML and as a starting point for your app integrating with the back-end and/ or front-end.
  • To use collaboration and version control tools like Git/Github to collaborate in a team and showcase your portfolio of projects to prospective employers.
  • To use JHipster to generate an  the Angular front-end and Spring Framework Back-end, based on the UML schema designed.
  • To customise this full-stack Spring / Angular app to create a useful CRUD system and to deploy it to the cloud.
  • To start preparing for your international exam OCP I and then II in Java.
  • To start applying for junior Python / Java Developer positions with our recruitment agency and also on the open market


We spend approximately a month on each of the following 6 modules:

Python is one of the most up and coming languages today. Versatile enough to be used as a web-app language and also as a utility language in Data Science. We focus on the language as well as building a modern Web-App in Python. This will also help you understand the generic concepts when we move to Java Web Apps

Beginner Java (OCP I)

In this module, we focus on the fundamentals of any Object-Oriented Programming Programming Language and how it is implemented by Java. We cover the international Java syllabus so that you can have a head-start at the end of the Bootcamp if you start preparing for International exams.


In this module, we become familiar with relational databases and learn SQL and UML to be able to design relational databases. We also learn to query and test these relationships for normalisation.

Advanced Java (OCP II)

We cover the advanced concepts of any modern programming language (Streams, Lambdas, I/O, proprietory GUI's for interfacing to the user, non-internet enabled. Our focus is on solving problems with modern data-structures and algorithms. We also cover Java's international exam syllabus to make it easier when the time comes for preparing for your international exam.


Time to learn Angular, one of the leading JavaScript web frameworks, more importantly so now that the trend is to separate the front-end from the back-end with REST API. Angular has a steep learning curve, so we do it in nice steps, focussing on the interrogating of an API as well as using a non-API approach with a more integrated database system like Firebase.

Spring Framework

Spring framework is the hugely popular Java Framework that has demonstrated to the world that it is the most robust and secure Java Framework around. Banks and financial institution with a not-negotiable need for security are relying on it. It is very comprehensive and provides such a rich set of services to application developers, that it is a privilege to work with such technology. JHipster : We have covered the top 2 frameworks for the front and the backend (Angular and Spring). Let us have a closer look to see what tools are used in the space between them. We do not have to look very far to see that JHipster is the ideal candidate to fill the gap. Starting with a UML model and generating an Angular front-end and a Spring back-end - what more can you wish for? now it is just a matter of customising it to our needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take? Can I finish faster? Slower?

Java Bootcamp can be completed in 6 months or less, depending on the time and effort you are able to put in, although we recommend you should write your Oracle Exam and if you want to obtain any other certifications, you can spend another 3 – 6 months here doing that, we gladly support you for another 6 months – to get you employed.

However, it is possible to find work in 6 months. We have often placed students at employers from 6 months and some students got job offers before they have even completed the first 6 months – this is entirely dependent on the competencies you can demonstrate to employers – remember jobs are about COMPETENCIES, COMPETENCIES COMPETENCIES!!!

  • Each module is 5 days of classroom lectures; related projects to be completed the following week on campus (or at home with support offered on Google Hangout or Skype)
  • Weekly project progress sessions are held to support Bootcamp students
  • We have electronic groups and forums to encourage group communication in between modules, wherever students are.

Do I have to resign my Job to do the Java Bootcamp?

No, not if you are focussed, dedicated and able to attend one week per month in the classroom. The next 2/3 weeks are for assignments and it is not required to be in the classroom every day. Read Edwin’s journey .


Client who do our courses and / or where our students were employed
BMW ABSA Discovery Standard Bank Autumn Leaf IT Miro Distributors
ASD Solutions Nedbank FNB Asit4U Bytes Technology ISolve
Astidian Systems Signiflow MIP Systems Loyalty Plus Forty One Business Solutions DigiBlu

Job internship

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common reason for not employing juniors is the lack of ‘on-the-job’ skills. We do not leave our students alone until they are employed. Any unemployed Java Bootcamp students are automatically absorbed in our Internship program – actually, from the first day you are in the Bootcamp, you are an intern with our holding Company, Compuways. After the Bootcamp, you are assigned more practical projects.

  • During the internship you will be monitored and supported to further build your ‘on-the-job’ skills, like:
  • Getting and administering your own Linux Server
  • Installing, maintaining Java, MySQL, Tomcat, Webadmin on your Linux VP Server
  • Deploying your own software applications on your Linux VP Server
  • Participating on our real client software development projects


What are your fees?


  • Up-Front : R74 995
  • Split over 3 months : R40 000 + R40 000 : R80 000
  • Pay off over 6 months in equal payments : R85 000, R14 166.7 p.m.
  • Pay off over 12 months in equal payments : R90 000, R7 500 p.m.


Study Loans Available

Having trouble financing your studies? Qualifying candidates (will also have to write an aptitude test) can apply for a student loan to repay some of their fees once employed. Please read here for more details.

Apply for bursary / sponsorship

Part-time / Distance Learning

If you are working and cannot attend full-time, Saturdays  are for part-time students and pre-arranged times during the week or Saturdays are for Distance Learning students..


Read some of our Success Stories

Job placement rate of close to 100%

Companies are begging us for Java skills. Code College works with sister company Compuways IT Recruitment to find you employment after graduation. We have hundreds of IT employers on record and standing orders for Java developers. And every graduate from us that we're looking for employment, was placed, if not by Compuways, then by other recruiters who network with us. This is to show that we are very serious about what we do and that your success is our goal. There is not a single graduate who passed both his Bootcamp as well as his Oracle Exam, that is unemployed – so a 100% success rate.

Here are some of our success stories and more success stories

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Matriculant Launches Programming Career With Loan

Veteran Programmer selected Java Bootcamp for his son

Why I studied the Java Bootcamp and would like to recommend it

Java Job Prep Student passes OCA Exam on first try ! ....

How long does it take to pass an international exam in Java?


What kind of certificate / s do I get after completing the Java Bootcamp succesfully?

Oracle OCP

Exams are not included in the course price - they are payable to Oracle.

Here is an example of an oracle-certificate , OCA 8

oracle-jav-ocpOracle Certified Professional I Java Exam : Approx R2500 excl VAT

Java Bootcamp Competency Certification

This is included in the course price for every module of the 6

Read about our competency certificates - these are targeted to job interview skills requirements

The Java Bootcamp's syllabus is international Oracle certification. If you also want to do the NQF 5 National Certificate, you may enroll for the NQF 5 Bootcamp after completing the Java Bootcamp.

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(All our certificates can be added your LinkedIn profile to enhance your marketability)

Python / Java Bootcamp Schedule

When does it start? How do I book?

The dates below are the start of each new stage in our Coding Bootcamp. You have to be in the classroom full-day for at least the first and second week of the stage. This is when the core knowledge base of the module is covered. During the rest of the
weeks, we focus on practical assignments to cement the knowledge of the first week. After that you may work from home if the trainer is satisfied with your progress, but then you have to connect via video conference (Google Hangouts / Skype / Zoom, etc.).

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Don't wait! Put your software development career into the fast lane today.

BOOK YOUR CODING BOOTCAMP NOW Need more information? Click here Our primary venue is Johannesburg, but we also schedule it in Cape Townon
demand. if you are in Cape Town and interested, please notify us immediately.

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