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Regarding your java bootcamp, do you assist with placing individuals with potential employers after the completion of the bootcamp?
Yes we do as there are always employers coming to us for juniors. We do not restrict you find employment via us, we actually encourage you to apply everywhere and in so doing I can say that about 50 % of previous students were employed via us and 50% via other recruiters.
Does the bootcamp have sufficient hands-on experience and projects that are as part of the curriculum? 
Our whole approach is to teach workplace skills that are needed in the workplace, because we realise from being in the industry for 30 years (connected to compuways.co.za). Every module has a competency certificate that assesses your competencies gained from the module. After every module, you have practical assignments that must be completed. These assignments are very much on par with what is used in the industry. At the end of the bootcamp, we have an additional project which blends everything together and is a good showcase for employment interviews. We also keep students engaged with an internship while they are looking for work and by doing so, enhancing the CV all the time.
We also encourage our students to sit for the international exam in Java. Achieving Oracle certification is also a great help for jobseekers, although I am inclined to think that employers want the practical skills more. Having both is a win-win for you as I can say to you that I do not know of anyone that has passed both, that are unemployed. I can also say that some of our students were employed before they have even written the Oracle Exams.
Additionally, what are the scholarships and bursaries opportunities for the bootcamp?   
These are mostly for matriculants with good marks that have never worked before.
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